Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 68

Okay well so this week in the promised land ...

Martes: We went to give service to a few members and well like Seth the service isn't exactly what I had in mind. They told me they needed help with english so i said of course, only they really didn't need help with that much all they did was record my voice . I had to read a few things so that was interesting, but cool , even though they are using my voice , I might become famous in Colombia jaja jk , but that is a good idea to make money! 

Miercoles: We had to practrice singing a song for a conference that we were supposed to have with Elder Montaya , however his visa didnt come on time so it was cancelled, and now he isn't coming to our mission sad day:( , but I know that everything has it purpose and maybe he had to do something more important , it actually was good for us (see viernes) 
Then we had a lesson with a recent convert who hasn't come to church in like 4 month , but we are working on that she is awesome reading the BoM and everything.

Jueves: We had a lesson with A_ and we talked about the importance to come to church and all that good stuff , and well we will see , but hopefully she will start coming , i dont know why it is so hard to go to church! Than we taught her son english , and that went well , and then he agreed that we can start teaching him the lessons too! Later we had intercambios with the zone leaders because my comp had to interview someone, who was baptized this Sat. Anyways while with Elder Lopez we were walking and this guy appeared out of no where , and aksed if we spoke  english because he trying to start an english class, and well we also talked a lot about happiness it was super awesome , and he wants to learn more so that is awesome! 

Viernes: Well we got a call in the morning had to go to give a blessing , and well it was pretty bad , and no one could take him to the hospital so we went with him and were there all day , but luckily he is back after being there a few days, but he is feeling a lot better!( this was the day Edler Montaya was supposed to come ) God works in mysterious ways:) 

Sabado:We went to one of  the baptisms they had in the ward it was cool !Then we had a lesson with B_, and then gave her friend a blessing for her health and we have an appointment set up to teah her again!

Domingo: We had a super cool lesson with a less active family , well the husband isnt member , but he listened to us and well excepted the baptism invitation  which is awesome , now we just have to help them get married so that will be a tough one , but we are totally going to do everything  in our power to help them out!

love you all have
 a good week !
Elder Strong

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