Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Week 66 Hard week! Opening a new area

Well this week has been a little hard , but not too bad...
Martes: Well we basically did a lot of walking getting to know the area, because my comp nor I know the area , and the missionaries before didnt do a great job working in the area , so that is always fun , but I know that it will be hard but not impossible just another challenge from the mission to help me out ! 

Miercoles: So we had our district meeting , and my comp is the district leader which is cool , because Im leaving with 3 leaders the zone leaders and my comp ,and well Im the only with out a leadership postion , but it is great, being able to focus more on my area , and helping the people here, so that is awesome. Oh so Elder Johnson is also in the district and the three of us were in the same district in the CCM jaja how cool does that get. Anyways later we went exploring the area a little more conatcting and looking for directions , but not too much luck , but this part of Bogota is super cool it reminds me a lot of the states, and I found a Barrio named Chico , super legit , so I visted Chico a few times this week jaja ;) 

Jueves : we had a lesson with N_ , he is mas o menos interested in the gospel , he only really wants to know what it is , but we are being really patient with him , because his faith in God is really weak , so we explained a lot, about god , and then Adam and Eve , because he had  a lot of questions  about the unjust in the world , but he is super cool , and I think one day he will come to know and understand the truth better, but the spirit was so strong, and he promised to pray for an answer so that was super chevere! 

Viernes: We had a lesson with a less active lady , she actually knew the church in las vegas , but was baptized here ,she is super awesome though , and plus it was a great lesson , then she  asked if we could come talk with her son the next day , because he wants to learn english, so we said, yes por su puesto, even though they live pretty far from the house it is definately worth it!

Sabado: We talked with her son J_ he is super awesome , about my age , and well so we are going to teach him english and the gospel too! IT is  going to be so legit!

Domingo: Well church went well , this ward is pretty big , and there are alot of people who speak better english than I do jaja , but it is cool , it is always a little hard starting to work in a new ward , but they just called a new ward mission leader so that is cool ,and he is ready to help us  get the work going here!

Hoy: We went to a mall , ate mexican food , and had ice cream , pretty relaxed day! 

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