Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 98

Thanks Mom for the Email:) Im glad you guys had a great week! 

My Week ....

Multi Zone Meeting
We had the prilvege  of a visit from president and his wife and the assitants. It was super great! Plus I was able to see Elder Lopez again which was awesome! Well they talked about having Charity for one another, and also alot about teaching people not lessons. Which was awesome, because a missionary can get caught up just teaching memorized material but it something so important to listen to the investigator and the spirit to really help them recieve a testimony. And so we are trying to become better at that with my companion. 

Well we are teaching a less active member and he is a great guy. He is only less active because where he was living the church isn't there. So well we were teaching him and then he introduced us to his neighbor who lives next door. And we were teaching her. She is really recpetive and everything! She even wants to be baptized!! Well as we finshed with a prayer we gave the less active a hug, and then we went to shake the hand of his friend. And she asked us ¨and my hug?¨Awkward but we explained but she was still a little sad. But it was kind of funny. 

This week we had intercambios with the zone leaders which was cool. We had a great time , and I felt the spirit so strong this day! It was an amazing day just teaching and helping others! Also some less actives gave us a ton of Mamones so we filled our bags with them and were eating them all day! They are so good! 

Well saturday came and Maria finally was baptized! It was awesome,. Her mom, sister, and grandma came!! Also Ivan came to the baptism!!! Anyways it was great! There were a good group of members there to support her so that was awesome! Then later after the baptism we had a lesson with Ivan and now he has a baptismal date for the 8th of oct. Im so excited for him and he is ready to be baptized! he is basically a member because he goes to mutual, activities with the youth, church, and everything else. he even wants to go with us to visit people! Now he just has to be baptized :) 

Anyways that was our week! 
I love you all so much have another great week!
Elder Strong

Week 97

Thanks Mom for the email! I Glad that you had a great Cumpleaños!!! I wish I could've have been there to celebrate, but I hope you were able to feel my prayes for you at least. Do you want to know something kind of cool. This past Saturday, or your Bday is the Día de Amor y amistad. And well I just want you to know how much I love you Mom. I really dont know where I would be with out all your support! You have done so much for me, and my brothers and you deserve a lot more, than we give you! I dont think we could ever repay for all that you have done for us. I could go on an on about all the great things you have and do for us but the list would be endless! Im so happy to have such a great, amazing, and one of kind mom. Te amo Mamá !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the rain came down and the floods went up.
Okay well monday night after we wrote to you guys, it just start down pouring, with lighting, and out side the streets rose to about a foot and a half of water. It was crazy. Well we nocticed someone in the corner of street having trouble trying to get the Moto to higher ground because it was already surronded by water. Well I just told my companion to take my bags and went into the river and helped push the moto into the garage! Then we just decided to help people move the motos, and other by removing water that had entered the house. It was great to just go out and serve! Plus we found a great family who is interested in our message! :)

FHE with Maria
Well Tuesday we had a FHE with maria in her house with all her family! Her grandma , mom, sisters, even the dog, and we invited some members to come with us and it was the best! We shared a cool message about baptism and about her decsion to be baptized! And the family said they are willing to support her and everything, they even want to recieve the lessons too!! So that will be awesome! maria is going to be baptized this Saturday!!! Im so excited for her, to see the progress she has made in almost 4 months has been great to see! 

Morcilla :p ( dont eat it) 
Okay well early in the week I ate Morcilla and well basically it is a sussage but inside it is cooked blood and with rice, and the outer part, well I dont want to ruin your dinner, so Ill just tell you when I get back jaja. Maybe Ill bring some home so you guys can try it:) How would that sound? Anyways I got pretty intoxicated, and I was sick for about 3 days. I didnt even leave the house friday. But now I'm a lot better and I learned my lesson the hard way. :P

Domingo de Divisiones 
 Well every Sunday we go to San martin and we split up with the members and it has been awesome because we can cover so much ground! And we had some really great lessons, and where able to find some more part member families which is always the best in the mission! 

Well today we were finally able to play Micro again. I haven't been able to play because in my district there are only sister missionaries and the 2 of us and   they dont like to play micro a lot. but they went shopping today, and so we went and played with some other missionries and members from a different ward. It was a ton of fun!!!

Well I hope you guys have an amazing week! And mom im so jealous you got to not only meet Brad Wilcox but have a picture with him too! i love his talks! Anyways love you guys!
Elder Strong

Week 96

Well sounds like you guys had a really great week! Jacob almost bro! You got to score a TD before I get back bro! And Kay mann whats up bro no goals this week? 
Well this week was really great! 
Martes: well we started off the day by getting lost looking for an address, but eventually after contacting a few people in the street we ran into some members from another ward, who helped us out , and we were able to talk with them for a while which was cool. Later we eventually arrived where we had planned on going. It was cool because we are teaching a less active and he introduced us to his girl friend who is super interested in the church so that was legit!

Miercoles: well we had zone conference we talked a lot about being obedient with exactness, so that was cool! Then later in the night we had FHE with a family and invited Maria who is super shy, too shy, but it was cool to get her to open up as we played some cool games!

Jueves: We didnt have any lessons :(, but it was still a great day! because a member called telling us how her friends dad wanted a blessing because he was in the hospital receiving a heart transplant. So went and it was a great experience the spirit was so strong. And the family also wanted a preisthood blessing for spiritual strength. And we were able to share a brief message with them. 

Viernes: We had to go to another area to interview an investigator getting baptized, and then in the night we had a lesson with Carlos, Cathrine´s husband so that was cool. we read the book of mormon with them and told him how he could recieve an answer to find out if the book of Mormon is true! The spirit was so strong!

Sabado: we went to the Park and gave service which super fun, plus we saw some iguanas!! Later we came home and cleaned the house super good! And then we had our actvity in the chapel. We did Lehi´s dream it was super cool, I was someone trying to get the people to let go of the iron rod and play poker jaja. But altogether everyone had a ton of fun!

Domingo: Well we went to San martin and lets just Maria has another baptism Date we had a really great lesson and it was just amazing I dont know how to explain it but it was powerful. The date is for the 24th of this month. If you guys could pray for her that would be awesome!!! 

Well toady we had transfer and ....... we are both staying here! It is going to be the best transfer! Also we bought a couple of cool things in the plaza! 

thanks Mom for evrything you are the best! I love you all have a great week! Juicios!!! 
Elder Fuerte

Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 95

Wow sounds like a very busy week, round two this week right? Jaja 

Okay well this week went a lot better. There where some up and downs but altogther it went by pretty well and really fast! Too fast! 
Tuesday we had a good lesson with S_ and D_  thay are twin brothers who are starting to come back to church litlle by litlle. S_ actually came with us to church this past sunday so that was super legit plus he made friends with a lot of the youth which is the best! Later we had a lesson with the M_ family they are cool, but they have a few issuses with other members in the church so we are working on that. But they are really nice.
Miercoles was a really  good day. We Are starting to work in a small pueblo close by and there is a lot of work there! Lots of less actives and lots of Investigators so that is legit! We are starting to see alot more progress in the ward. And there are a few members there who are willing to help us, which is always better!
Jueves colombia was playing soccer, so basically we had no lessons and then in the night we had ward council which isnt that great when only a few members actually come to it. Sometimes it is a joke to even go. but I think they are going to change it to Sunday to see if more people can be there. 
   Viernes: Well we had a good day we did a lot of contacting just asking and looking for service projects which helped us a lot, to find a few more people to teach. We even had some of our investigators  introduce us to people that might be interested so that was legit! 
    Sabado: Well it was a long day walking all day in the heat, with no lesson.
  Domingo: went by super well, we had lunch in San Martin and then we had a lesson with one the Sister´s friends. then we contacted a ton of people who were having a party outside, because as we got close they were all like here comes the Mormons, and so I just had a huge smile on my face , and they called us over to talk to them , and we were able to set up another appointment to pass by. Also we had divisions which went well , we got a lot of work done in a short amount of time so that was great! 

and today we went bowling . I almost won but tied with another missionary we both got 124 . 

Anyways I hope you all have a good week with Football , fútbol, shcool, and verything else,
love you all,
Elder Strong

Week 94

Wow that sounds like a pretty crazy week! But that is good that you found time to enjoy it! Im glad that everyone is having fun with football and soccer! que pasó kayman porque no quieres ir a colegio? Pero esta semana va ser mejor para ti, verdad? 
Well anyways this week went by super fast I feel like the days just get shorter and feel like there in never enough time to do all the things on our list. And sometimes it can be a little stressful, but Ive been trying to control my stress, and let it build me instead of impact me in a negative way. But our area is huge and we are only 2 missionaries in the ward so that isnt the greatest with so much ground to cover, but hopefully they will send more missionaries soon! Well I dont have a whole lot of time because we are having a super Pday with Pres. Laney so this is why Im writing right now in the morning. Anyways this week went by super well! We had a lot of good lessons! I think the best lesson we had is when we went to visit Kevin and his step dad Carlos. We talked with and shared a message and Carlos told us how he wants to support kevin and the decesion he made to be baptized. And he wants to come to church and wants to go to a baptism to see how it is! So that was legit! Hopefully they will get baptized this up coming week! 
    Also we had an open house in one of the churches it was usper cool we just contacted a ton and brought a ton of people to come and get to know the church it was a huge sucess! And it was great just loosing all fear and talking with everyone there!   We have been finding some new invetigators so we will see how that goes this up coming week. But other than that it was a pretty great week.

Well I hope you have another great week ! Cant wait to hear about it!
Love you all, 
Elder Strong

Week 93

Wow sounds like everyones been pretty busy! 

Well this week in Cúcuta! 

Martes: We walked a lot, and contacted a lot which good. Then we had a lesson with a less active family that we are trying to rescue they are super awesome. We talked about doing the samll things so that God can do bigger things in our lives!
Also they gave ys a ton of coca cola so that was legit!

Mericoles: We went to San Martin where we climbed the hill to visit another less active family. It was good but I don't know for some reason this ward has a lot of feelings against each other or in other words there are many problems between the members! Which makes it really hard to work with. But my companion and I are trying our best and making the most with what we got. 

Jueves: We had lunch with a lday who has a son in the mission. She is really catholic but she was excited to meet us and has a lot of questions for us. So we are going to see if we can help her. Then we had a lesson with an  investigator who doesnt want to fullfil the things we tell him it is always have you read the book of Mormon and the answer is always no :( So we had a heart to heart lesson with him and told him that it is the only way to find out is for himself. Sometimes it is just to easy that people take it for granted. 
we also got a water filter, so no we dont have to buy giant bags of water. 

Viernes: We went and had a lesson with a less active youngman who was baptized not to long ago, but doesn't have a lot of support from his family because he is the only member so it is hard for him, but hopefullly he will come back to church. 

Sabado: We had servicio it was cool we had to do alot of work but it was cool and it is always good to do something different. Then in the night we had a lesson with Kevin and his Family. It was good. Also we were able to talk with his step dad , and well he is intersted. So now we have 3 more in the family who are preparing to be baptized , hopefully they can get married and get baptized as soon as possible! 

Domingo: we talked a lot about marriage in church lets just say TRUNKY! jaja no jk. Later we went to San Martin and had a good lesson with the Arenas Family. The mom is member and her kids are less active. So we are working with them because the MOm has the goal to be sealed as a famly which is great.

Hoy: the sister missionries made lunch for us from their counries and it was the first time i had cerviche and it was pretty good. 

Anyways that was pretty much our week! And this week is going to be 10x better!!! Have an amazing week love you guys!

Elder Fuerte