Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 79 50th anniversary of Colombia, being open to missionary service!!

Thanks Mom for the email it is always good to read about what is going on back home. I'm glad that you are all having fun and enjoying life! And hopefully you will make the most out of these last few weeks of school! 

Okay well lets see....

Miercoles: we had the mission activity that mom stated in her eamil for the 50 years the church has been here in Colombia and it was super cool! We were able to read the prayer that President Kimball gave to dedicate the country to preach the gospel so that way Chevere!! Then we were honored to hear from our president   , and them Elder Camargo, and also 2 missionaries that are from Colombia so that was neat. Later we cleaned up the park, and then went and ate pizza, overall it went really great! 

Jueves : We had our planning secesion, and then we had to run some errands , but luckily after dropping some  stuff off for the mission, it was 3pm when we got back and since we didnt have lunch this day, we went to KFC and after 3pm they have 50% off discount on their combos so my lunch was like $3 so that was cool! later we did lots of contacting it was good. Contacting  is so much fun with my new companion!

Viernes: Friday the 13th ...... oh  no......... 
Well it rained in the morning but that didnt stop us from going out and contacting and we actually found a few people interested in listening to us so that was awesome! then we went to lunch and had Big foot , in a chilly soup, and it actually wasnt too bad:) Maybe I will have to make it for you guys when I get back:) . Then later we had a lesson with DarĂ­o which went well we watched a video about our eternal potential about the hatchet. You guys have proabably seen it, and if not FHE activity for tonight , because it is super cool!

Saturday: We had an interview with a young man who was doing a project for school , and his family came a long , so we had a lesson with them , and now the other missionaries are going to visit them because they dont live in our boundries , but it was a cool experience! later we had a correlation meeting , and that went well. And then we had a lesson with the Cardenas family , and now we have a NDH with them tonight. Hopefully they will start coming back to church! 

Domingo : Church was good, We had a good lesson with a Less active member, and then we did a lot of contacting which was awesome. over all it was a good day!

Hoy. We went to the mall to eat , and look at some things , nothing to exciting, maybe because you know me and I hate spanding money even on the smallest things jaja:p 

Anyways I hope the best for you back home. You guys are my heros ! Be strong !
Love you all, always,
Elder Fuerte:)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 78 happy Mother's Day/ transfers I am staying here

Thanks Mom it was great talking with you guys again, and dont worry Im not trunky Mom , even though you guys might be jaja. 

 Well I dont have a whole lot to say, as of this week , because we just talked. But some of things that I learned this week is that there are people prepared every where to hear our message, if we are only willling to open our mouths to share this beautiful message. Also enduring. This week has definetly been one of the hardest in the mission, with having lessons, because no one really had time, and also no one is really progressing, but at the end of the week we had 2 amazing lessons with 2 less actives, that we havent been able to teach in like a month. It was a huge tender mercy from God! 

 Anyways Sunday was super cool! The talks were really great about the importance of mothers in God´s plan. Later in priesthood there has a brother visting form Utah and he didnt speack spanish at all and didnt really understand it either, so I had the privledge of translating for him, that was cool, Because it was the first time I've  done it in the mission! Anyways in the class we talked about living by the spirit and not by the law. But the only way can do that is if at first we are completing with law. It was super inspiring for me, and really powerful!

   Also we had tranfers this week..... pause for dramatic effect....... Im ......Staying here:) And my comp is going to Chia my old area , and he will be Zone Leader so that was legit. He was a little nervous but I know he will do great!Anyways my new companion is from Ecuador, but he wont get here until Tuesday , and so I am with Lopez right now helping with other Transfers. I am hoping to make the best of this next transfer, and to end with no regrets! 
  I love you all I hope you have a great week ! And Jacob keep pratcing Bro!
Elder Fuerte