Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 72

    Okay well easter here is called Semana Santa, for the whole week , a huge Cathoilic tradition , I image it is pretty big in Spain too! But here it is crazy , I dont know how people can become so crazy about it , and it is really different , but anyway there were a lot of holidays during the week which meant there wasnt a lot of people home. Also there was like 3 futbol games this week , so everyone was watching those , and nobody wanted to listen to us :( ; but it was cool because USA almost beat Colombia , but they tied 1-1, but they paly again tomorrow , so we probably have no lessons tomorrow :( , and if USA wins , pailas!!!! no lessons for like 2 weeks jaja ;) But for easter it is mostly going to the catholic church , and thats about it, but no eggs or easter bunny , thank goodness jaja. However , the other Elders bought chocolates eggs for easter so I guess we had our own easter in our own way. 
  So we had a few lessons which went well , but we are still having trouble on getting people to come to church! We did have a really cool experience while at church , a man came in because it called his attention and he is looking for a church to attend , and he said he is moving into the area from Sogamoso , and he told me he is coming to church this sunday for general conference that will be cool , but I think he lives in the area of the other Elders but thats okay it is still the same work:) Also well today was Cambios ( transfers) Im staying here at least 6 more weeks, with my comp so hopefully we will get some work done!! 
  Well there isnt much else to tell , but Sunday in priesthood, there was a man who gave the lesson who looks just like Robin Williams , and the way he taught the class was like him too, it was sooo funny, and way cool , and spiritual ! 
   Well my challenge for you all this week that , is you can follow Jareds example and invite one person to listen to General Conference! Also that you can share the new video , that the church made for easter! I can't  wait to hear how it went !!! :) 
LOve you all,
Elder Fuerte!:)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 71 CCM reunion

On Mar 21, 2016, at 3:10 PM, Tyler Strong <> wrote:

That is awesome that you enjoyed spring break and that everyone had a good time and no one got hurt , welll that was at home jaja! I hope Seth heals fast! 

Well this was a pretty fast week . but I'll think of some of things that happened....

Martes: I found Hno. Julio from Chia , in my new ward because his job is cleaning the chapels . so that was super legit i was able to talk with him and catch up with all the details , about what was going on back in Chia while my comp was in a meeting so that was awesome!

Mericoles: we had intercambios with the Zone leaders, I went with Elder Lopez and it was pretty good! He is an awesome Zone leader!

Jueves we had a lesson with Dario about the strength of youth , and it was great !!! Then we had a lesson with the family Bustamante , members , about sharing the gospel it when super well , we asked if they knew anyone , that would be interested in learning about the gospel and he just started writing like 10 names , and tried to think of more it was awesome even if they all live in the area of the other Elders. It was great to see the work go forth in the work of Salvation!

Viernes: We had a pretty direct lesson with a less active to try to get her to come to church , but I dont know , because she always has an excuse to come ...but we will keep working with her on that.

Domingo: Well i was a little stressed in the morning , but later after taking the sacrament , and listening to talks , is just what I needed , I know that the Sacrament is so important for everyone of us , not just to help with sins , but everything, becasue his atonement covers everything in our lifes! Also after ward we had a really cool contact with a older man , first we said hi and passed him , and then I had a feeling that I needed to talk with him , so after walking about 20 steps we returned , and he is awesome so friendly ,he was   plantling trees as a service for the community and it just reminded me so much of dad , and I got the a smalll feeling that we needed to talk with him anyways , long story short , he was one of the only people to actually listen to what we had to  say like this whole time in this area, so that was awesome , and HE invited us this week to pass by to talk , so that was super cool , made my week! 

Lunes. Today well was pretty awesome , went to the temple , played futbol , and ate at McDonalds, so yeah doesn't get much better for a pday! :)

I hope all is going well back home , btw , how are you doing with your missonary work ? 
love you all so much , have a great week , Elder Strong:)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 70

Thanks mom it is great to read about what is going on every week! And yeah Ill have that email for Kayman next week. That is crazy that he is almost 8 years, wow where does time go, soon he be leaving for the mission!! 

Esta semana en Colombia.....
Martes: We did a lot of walking , then we ran into a bugerking and well they have ice cream cones for 1mil pesos , entonces hay que aprovechar , no? Also this was Dia de la mujer here in Colombia , so Feliz Dia Mamá !!! 
Miercoles: We had our zone meeting , it went alright , we talked about how we need to be agents and objects so that was pretty cool . Then after lunch we were super far away from our house with out jackets and just it began to rain , que suerte no? Good thing i like the rain! :) 

Jueves: We had a multi zone meeting with President , it wa s almost identical to the zone meeting , but the second part he talked a lot about obedience which was super cool !!! Anyways after , it started to down pour , and there was a huge thunderstorm , that lasted like 2 hours , and lighting even hit the chapel , so that was pretty cool (good thing Josh wasnt there lol) .,

Viernes: We had a lesson with investigator that we found only to find out he is moving too, now that make 3 of them that have moved in the past two weeks, so back to ground zero again! So then it was raining agian super hard , so my comp and I decided to clean the area book , because it was a mess but now it is way more organized! 

Sabado : we had to be witnesses at the other Elders baptism because only three members showed up for the baptism so that was really sad with a pretty good sized ward!, and then we had to go to Nogal because my comp had to interview 2 people. and well while we where there the reilf society was having a gathering and thay gave us brownies , but like from the states , because one of them is Gringa who made them so that was super good!

Domingo: We had a few good lessons with a couple members of the ward, about the work of slavation , it went super well , and they are commited to work  with us to invite one family or friend to church! so hopefully that will go well! Oh speaking of missionary work and sharing the gospel , how are you guys doing on that ? 

Well love you all so much have a great spring break!!!!
Elder Fuerte:) 

Week 69

Im really sorry to hear that everyone is getting sick , but hopefully you guys will start to feel better. That is awesome that they are inviting their friends to church activities that is how it starts! Im glad that everyone had fun with basketball this year, that is always good, to enjoy it!.

Alright so this week in COL ...

Miercoles: We had intercambios , I was with elder Johnson from my group , and it went well. For lunch the Sister asked us what we would like so we said tacos , hamburgers, fries, icecream , and we had it! soo good! I was way full afterward. 
Then while we went to go visit someone, we ran into a man who had listened to the missionries but like 20 years ago , anyways he invited us to take a seat and talk for a while in his store, and people kept going in out , and we would talk with them , and we contacted like 15 people, so that was legit! Later we had a lesson with J_ an investigator, and we invited him to be baptized and he accepted! 

Jueves: not much happened , but we did get a sweet buy one get one free , at subway so that was awesome!

Viernes: We went to visit a less active , she was kind of crazzy but it went well for the most part . Then we went to visit another less active which was good , the only thing is , that it is so hard for people to come to church here idk why but it just is! Also we had buy one get one free at mcdonalds for a mcflurry so that was awesome becuase I love Ice Cream!!!

Sabado: Well in the morning one of the Elders made a Batman Ghost costume to scare us , and well he didnt quite get it ready in time to scare us but it was pretty cool! We also had a great lesson with A_  another less active and the same problem getting her to church ...

Domingo: It was so good to fast to get an extra boost of the spirit it is something I needed, also i listened to a talk on grattitude by Pres. uchtdorf which was super great. Then it rained , and plus we had ice cream for dessert at lunch . oh i also met a family with the last name Larson , but thay are form Arizona. 

Over all that is how my week went . So how is it going sharing the gospel are you haveing any cool missionary experiences I would love to hear about them!
Love you all , get well , have a good week, and share the Gospel!
Love elder Fuerte:)