Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 72

    Okay well easter here is called Semana Santa, for the whole week , a huge Cathoilic tradition , I image it is pretty big in Spain too! But here it is crazy , I dont know how people can become so crazy about it , and it is really different , but anyway there were a lot of holidays during the week which meant there wasnt a lot of people home. Also there was like 3 futbol games this week , so everyone was watching those , and nobody wanted to listen to us :( ; but it was cool because USA almost beat Colombia , but they tied 1-1, but they paly again tomorrow , so we probably have no lessons tomorrow :( , and if USA wins , pailas!!!! no lessons for like 2 weeks jaja ;) But for easter it is mostly going to the catholic church , and thats about it, but no eggs or easter bunny , thank goodness jaja. However , the other Elders bought chocolates eggs for easter so I guess we had our own easter in our own way. 
  So we had a few lessons which went well , but we are still having trouble on getting people to come to church! We did have a really cool experience while at church , a man came in because it called his attention and he is looking for a church to attend , and he said he is moving into the area from Sogamoso , and he told me he is coming to church this sunday for general conference that will be cool , but I think he lives in the area of the other Elders but thats okay it is still the same work:) Also well today was Cambios ( transfers) Im staying here at least 6 more weeks, with my comp so hopefully we will get some work done!! 
  Well there isnt much else to tell , but Sunday in priesthood, there was a man who gave the lesson who looks just like Robin Williams , and the way he taught the class was like him too, it was sooo funny, and way cool , and spiritual ! 
   Well my challenge for you all this week that , is you can follow Jareds example and invite one person to listen to General Conference! Also that you can share the new video , that the church made for easter! I can't  wait to hear how it went !!! :) 
LOve you all,
Elder Fuerte!:)

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