Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 73 love general conference!!!!!

Wow Mom that was my favorite quote too! Even though it was super short both of his talks they were great! I agree I miss his stories too! That is cool there was a talk given in conference the priesthood session about , how marriage , and how to strength a maariage is like a garden knid of. He said how we need to take out the weeds , and water the flowers , or in other words ,  as we look for what is good in the person we will only find good in the person , so that was super cool! And I love that talk What  Lack I Yet? it is super amazing one of my favorites! Lucky missionaries !!!!

okay so this week in COL....

Martes : Well lunch cancelled on us , so luckily we had some coupons to KFC so that was good! Then we had a super good lesson with Dario about not living under our privliges , Uchtdorf gave a talk on it about the man who went on the cruise , and but only stayed in his cabin the whole time eating beans, that was a great lesson. 

Miercoles: It down poured here, but luckily we were close to a PanaderĂ­a so we ate pan , and chocolate! then we had 3 good lessons set up that night but because there was no one to come visit with us we had to cancel all the lessons! ughhh!!! 

Jueves: Went alright , we had our weekly planning session , and then we had one lesson , but nothing too excting happened this day.

Viernes: We had a interviews with President Laney it was super good talking with him , he thanked me for serving as zone leader then he told me , just because you are not zone leader any more doesn't mean you are not a leader , he told me that I needed to help my Companion to become a future leader in the mission and also after the mission , help him learn how to lead so that was cool! He  also gave me a lot of great advice which I am super thankful for he is amazing and I know he has been called of God!

Sabado: Conference, went super well I loved it ,just like always the preisthood session had to be my favorite , the spirit is just so strong , and I can just feel the power overwhelm the building during the priesthood session it is so awesome , I do miss going with Dad , Seth , and Jacob to watch it , but I'm  glad thay are still keeping the tradition going. I like how all of it was focused on the family and temple marriage to was  so Chevere!!!

Lunes: Well I'm almost finshed with my application to BYUI , i think there are a few things I have left, like one essay , and I need to rewrite both of the other essays because they were wriiten with little time , but I think by the end of the month it should be good to go! 

Also it was super cool to see a program of the deseret farm in florida and see familiar faces !!! 

Remeber ,¨there is nothing good unless you do it¨-Uchtdorf 
oh I also hope you all learning german lol ;)

love you all have a good week!
Edler Fuerte:)

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