Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week 84

Haha your trip sounds like my long trip to Cucuta. I finally made it here  at 8 in the morning , but it was a long ride , especially in a bus! But I made it so that is good:) 

Anyyways so this is what happened to me in my last week in Bogota...

Martes: We cleaned the house super good in the morning, the entire house, now it is like sparkling clean, too bad I only enjoyed it for a few days haha. Later all of our lesons fell through so we went contacting. 

Miercoles: We had our distrcit meeting. I gave the lesson about the talk What Lack I Yet, and it was really good. Later we went to the offices and picked up my package which was super awesome, I loved it especially the Captian America shirt so that was cool! Later we had a lesson with N_  , and then later with a recent convert.

Jueves: We had a lesson with M_ and her kids they are awesome, they are getting closer and closer to being baptized! Later in the night we went to vist a less active , which went well. And on top of it all USA beat Ecuador which is funny because My comp is from Ecuador. 

Viernes: We had to drop Elder Lopez off in the office because he is the new assisant so that is pretty cool. Then we bought some churros covered in Chocolate which were really good. Thyen after lunch my comp was chased by a dog, and he ran , and the dog ran after him , but didnt bite him which is good. Later we had a lesson with an investigator for the first time , and she accepted the baptism invitaion !Later we went and did a service project which consisted of painting, we did a pretty decent job. 

Sabado: we had to work in both areas, because Elder Lopez is gone and well one member that lives in the area gave us some super amazing pie! Then later that night we had a FHE with a ton of people it was a blast and everyone had a ton of fun! 

Domingo: We had an Asado for Fathers Day ( Happy Fathers day Dad) Then we went and visited N_ and he gave us Dr. Pepper!!

Lunes: We went to Titan Plaza a mall here in Bogota, then ate Hamburgers with N_  , because he makes the best hamburgers! Then it was to the bus with a long ride to Cucuta. Luckily I was able to sleep most of it so that was good! :) 

Anyways well that was my week . It was great to read your email. I hope you have a great vaction! 
Love Elder Fuerte:)

Week 83

Wow it sounds like you all are having fun, keeping busy this summer so that is awesome to hear. And I think I was there when brother Meyer had just planted some of the plants , so that is super cool! And dont worry about my visa I think they renew it , and I still havent got my package I will proabably go to the offices tomorrow, because it is super close. Im sorry I wont be able to send pictures today because I left my memory card in the house, but Ill have pics of the house next week. Im in north Bogota, the neighborhood is called Alhambra, I think you should be able to look it up on goodle maps. also another neighborhood is called Chico. 

Okay another carzy week in Colombia...

Martes: We had our zone conference, which was good they talked a lot about the importance of praying , and that our investigators need to pray. Later we had intercambios with the zone leaders. I was with Elder Hernadez, which was cool we only had one lesson, and then it was contacting in the rain. Later the four of us bought pizza. And well they gave us the wrong pizza, so my comp called the and complained , and they gave us a free pizza. 

Miercoles: We had a lesson with M_ and her kids it went super well we talked about the Plan of Salvation, they a have baptismal date for the 9th of july. but we will see if im still here , because this week we have transfers. 

Jueves: we had a lesson with D_ , before he left to Italy , because he will be gone for a month! We talked about the importance of reading and praying even when you are far away from home. Also about being an example for everyone. Then later my comp hasnt been feeling too well. So we called the secratary of health and he told my comp to eat 10 pitaya a fruit here. However it is super tenas. If you eat more than 3 you will be having to go to the bathroom like every hour, and well mt comp ate 5, and became super sick! 

Viernes: my comp was still sick but we had our multizone meeting so we went, but only stayed til lunch, because my comp threw up so went back to the house the rest of the day.

Sabado: most of our day we were helping a family move , the family Ayos. They are super awesome, but they moved to a different ward, which is sad because the giive us the best lunches! 

Domingo. Was filled with lots of contacting, and then we had a lesson with N_ and helped him answer a lot of his questions, and doubts which was awesome the spirit was so strong, and he agreed to come to church with us this Sunday so that will be legit, and then we had to run to our house to make on time, which we did!

Hoy: We played Basketball , futbol and sand volleyball it was super fun, but I think nIm a little dehydrated, so thats not to fun. 

Anyways I hope you all have a great week . cant wait to read about,
love you all Elder Fuerte:)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 82

One Crazy Week...

martes: well not much happened this day, all our appointments fell through, so we did what we know best and contacted:)

Miercoles: We had our district meeting it was super cool , I gave the lesson on John 15 which is a great chapter filled with many great messages, and all about our duty to work in the work of Salvation:) Then we had a great lesson with members, and we have a noche de hogar with them this Saturday and we are inviting all our investigators so that will be legit! Later we had a lesson with a few less actives which was good, and then we went to vist a PF family who are awesome the son is the best he is like 9 years old and is so excited to learn more and to get baptized, now that we has accepted to be baptized with his sister too!!! 

Jueves: We didnt have lunch so we made some awesome killer spaghetti it was way good! Then we had a lesson with another PF and the dad isnt member but he let us in for the first time in 3 transfers, so we were able to talk with his son, who is basically a member but hasn't been baptized, so that was tan Chevere! Then later in that night all our appointments cancelled on us, but we had the idea to go visit some investigators who weren't on our planning list. We went and they were home and we had a super powerful lesson about the BoM !:)

Viernes: we went and visited a recent convert which went well, and well USA lost , but Colombia won!

Sabado: we had the conference with Elder rasban which was way awesome. WE talked  a lot about teaching  repantace and baptizing converts, it was great to hear from an apostle of the Lord. Also we were able to have a lesson with Nicolas and watch part of Meet the Mormons which was legit he really liked  it ! 

Domingo: we had a few investigators show up to church which was a miracle! It was amazing after working so hard for a long time to have investigators come to church !! Made my week, I was so happy :) 

hoy: it was like the best Pday Went to the temple, played soccer, and ate mexican food, doesnt get much better !:)

Well that is just a little of what happend this week. I hope you all are being good for mom! I love you all so much have a great week , and do amazing things!
Elder Fuerte:)

Week 81

Wow that is cazy that school is already out again for you guys, so crazy how fast time goes by! before you know it Jacob will be out on his mission! That is cool that Josh went to the farm! that is really sad to hear about Scotty, but that is great that Keith can help his family right now by being on a mission. 
That is funny , was the water cold Dad? Wow six flags how cool! Are we going when I get back ? And now Jared is the Hot Shot of the family Competion Seth. Watch out!

Okay well another great week!

Martes: We had a lesson at night with a less active family, and at first we going to talk about the Sabath Day but you could tell that there was a lot of tension in the room. So we changed the lesson and watched a super cool video about afflictions, by pres. Eyring which filled the room with the spirit. And I almost cried which doesn't happen to often, but in the mission alot more than normal jaja:) 

MiercolesWe had intercambios and I went to San Luis were it was freezing cold! Im pretty sure I'm going to Die at  BYUI, but oh well. It was cool we had a  lot of good lessons and we invited two investigators to be baptized and they accpted so that was cool!

Jueves: We didn't have  too much luck this day. We did have a good lesson with darío about talents and all that, and he is so prepared to be baptized! It too bad he has to wait til October! 

Viernes: We had lunch with Nicolas because he invited us to eat in his restaurant which was super good! Then in the night we had a super good lesson with a investigator about the Book of Mormon and it was so powerful! She is awesome she reads and everything however the only thing is that her busiest day of work is Sunday, so she cant come to church:( But we are working on that! 

Saturday: Well here Futbol is way to big! Its like the supebowl every time, when there is a big game! And so no one was outside, and no one wanted to listen to us this day go figure! But we did have a cool activity in the primary in the morning. It was a missionary for a day. And the primary childern were able to recieve mission calls, and everything, they even went out contacting! I dont think I would do that at that age! But it was awesome to hear there testimonies after wards, saying things like how they could share the gospel right now with their friends, and also how they are preparing now to go on a mission! It was a Huge Success!!!

Domingo: Well we didnt have to much luck, but we contacted a lot. In the night we had a few good lesson. Oh one less active memeber came to church after like a year so that was legit! 

Hoy: We went to down town Bogota, which was a little sketchy in parts , but we went to some cool museums.

Well I love you all so much. I hope you all do well on your finals! Oh Elder raband is coming this week so that is going to be awesome, I Tell you how it went next week. 
Have a great week!
Elder Fuerte:)

Week 80

Okay i dont know if it was the best week, but it was a pretty great one, and alot better than it has been here in Bogotá.
So I dont really remember day for day so I will just talk about some of the highlights of the week! 
1. Well i know you guys know my personality and all that and how Im not much of a talker, well my comp is amazing and has helped me a ton. I used not to like to contact that much, but I did it. But with my new comp it has been great. And we are contacting all the time and have found some amazing people. One of them was at the very end of the night we were walking down an Ally and ran into a Mom with  her kids turns out she is the only member of the family, and so we will see how that goes. And there has been many of those contacts , and a lot of other not so great, but we can only invite :) 

2. We have an Investigator, who loves doing service for the community. Thursday we went and helped with his project to make walls out of plastic bottles for a small park it was super cool. And now we are working with the ward to collect more bottles for him. So that is pretty cool. However we are still having trouble getting him to go to church because he is super catholic but who knows maybe one day!:)

3. We went to have a lesson with Angela an investigator, and she told us we could go to where she works and have a lesson there. However she wasnt there, but one of her Co workers was. We talked with her and found out she is invetigating the church too, but with other missonaries, so that cool. We were able to set up a new appointment,and talk with the 2 of them, The lesson was amazing she is super excited and excpeted the baptismal invitation!!!! It has been a while since someone  has said yes! 

4. We had stake conference this week. It was super good! they talked a lot about families and also the stake president gave a super great talk on mssionary work, because that has been something the stake has been struggling with! But is was a great talk, now we need to get the ball rolling!!!

Anyways that was basically my great week, oh and on top of it all I had a Dr. Pepper today:) 

I love you all,
Elder Fuerte:)