Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week 84

Haha your trip sounds like my long trip to Cucuta. I finally made it here  at 8 in the morning , but it was a long ride , especially in a bus! But I made it so that is good:) 

Anyyways so this is what happened to me in my last week in Bogota...

Martes: We cleaned the house super good in the morning, the entire house, now it is like sparkling clean, too bad I only enjoyed it for a few days haha. Later all of our lesons fell through so we went contacting. 

Miercoles: We had our distrcit meeting. I gave the lesson about the talk What Lack I Yet, and it was really good. Later we went to the offices and picked up my package which was super awesome, I loved it especially the Captian America shirt so that was cool! Later we had a lesson with N_  , and then later with a recent convert.

Jueves: We had a lesson with M_ and her kids they are awesome, they are getting closer and closer to being baptized! Later in the night we went to vist a less active , which went well. And on top of it all USA beat Ecuador which is funny because My comp is from Ecuador. 

Viernes: We had to drop Elder Lopez off in the office because he is the new assisant so that is pretty cool. Then we bought some churros covered in Chocolate which were really good. Thyen after lunch my comp was chased by a dog, and he ran , and the dog ran after him , but didnt bite him which is good. Later we had a lesson with an investigator for the first time , and she accepted the baptism invitaion !Later we went and did a service project which consisted of painting, we did a pretty decent job. 

Sabado: we had to work in both areas, because Elder Lopez is gone and well one member that lives in the area gave us some super amazing pie! Then later that night we had a FHE with a ton of people it was a blast and everyone had a ton of fun! 

Domingo: We had an Asado for Fathers Day ( Happy Fathers day Dad) Then we went and visited N_ and he gave us Dr. Pepper!!

Lunes: We went to Titan Plaza a mall here in Bogota, then ate Hamburgers with N_  , because he makes the best hamburgers! Then it was to the bus with a long ride to Cucuta. Luckily I was able to sleep most of it so that was good! :) 

Anyways well that was my week . It was great to read your email. I hope you have a great vaction! 
Love Elder Fuerte:)

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