Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 81

Wow that is cazy that school is already out again for you guys, so crazy how fast time goes by! before you know it Jacob will be out on his mission! That is cool that Josh went to the farm! that is really sad to hear about Scotty, but that is great that Keith can help his family right now by being on a mission. 
That is funny , was the water cold Dad? Wow six flags how cool! Are we going when I get back ? And now Jared is the Hot Shot of the family Competion Seth. Watch out!

Okay well another great week!

Martes: We had a lesson at night with a less active family, and at first we going to talk about the Sabath Day but you could tell that there was a lot of tension in the room. So we changed the lesson and watched a super cool video about afflictions, by pres. Eyring which filled the room with the spirit. And I almost cried which doesn't happen to often, but in the mission alot more than normal jaja:) 

MiercolesWe had intercambios and I went to San Luis were it was freezing cold! Im pretty sure I'm going to Die at  BYUI, but oh well. It was cool we had a  lot of good lessons and we invited two investigators to be baptized and they accpted so that was cool!

Jueves: We didn't have  too much luck this day. We did have a good lesson with darĂ­o about talents and all that, and he is so prepared to be baptized! It too bad he has to wait til October! 

Viernes: We had lunch with Nicolas because he invited us to eat in his restaurant which was super good! Then in the night we had a super good lesson with a investigator about the Book of Mormon and it was so powerful! She is awesome she reads and everything however the only thing is that her busiest day of work is Sunday, so she cant come to church:( But we are working on that! 

Saturday: Well here Futbol is way to big! Its like the supebowl every time, when there is a big game! And so no one was outside, and no one wanted to listen to us this day go figure! But we did have a cool activity in the primary in the morning. It was a missionary for a day. And the primary childern were able to recieve mission calls, and everything, they even went out contacting! I dont think I would do that at that age! But it was awesome to hear there testimonies after wards, saying things like how they could share the gospel right now with their friends, and also how they are preparing now to go on a mission! It was a Huge Success!!!

Domingo: Well we didnt have to much luck, but we contacted a lot. In the night we had a few good lesson. Oh one less active memeber came to church after like a year so that was legit! 

Hoy: We went to down town Bogota, which was a little sketchy in parts , but we went to some cool museums.

Well I love you all so much. I hope you all do well on your finals! Oh Elder raband is coming this week so that is going to be awesome, I Tell you how it went next week. 
Have a great week!
Elder Fuerte:)

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