Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 29 lots of investigators at church

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Well we didn't have a baptism because they didn't attend church like a week ago so that fell through. I can't believe Jacob is 14 years old that is super crazy! Hmm doesn't sound like me I loved going to dances jaja. Sounds like the Jared I know , anywhere but school. I personally like gray pants , but thats just me. Also shoes defenitely eccos for sure. and buy some good insoles for his shoes too if you can. It really depends on the weather there. Only 8 days of school and Seth will be done with high school , Jacob will be going to high school , and Jared Jr. High that is super crazy! Tell Brett High for me. 

Anyways so this week was alright , the best day was probably Sunday.

Miercoles: We had our district meeting which went well we talkef about the importance of compromisos , later we went and had a lesson with V*and her brother E* about service which was good but I'm getting worrried , because they haven't been to church since their baptism. It has rained everyday in the late afternoon and night, so we got soaked from head to toe like almost every day but thats okay. Then we had  a lesson with Familia *which went well, and then a lesson with E* which was alright we didn't really have much time to teach any doctorine only respond to a few questions he had. 

Jueves: well we had a lesson with a new investigator named A* she seems pretty interested in the Gospel, so we willl see how things go. Also we had a lesson with Family N* then we had a meeting with the ward mission leader, but now we have a new leader who litterally just got back from his mission 4 days ago. 

Viernes: We had a lesson with N* and her duaghter about the Apostasy but for some reason the duaghter doesn't understand the importance of  it or the authority of the priesthood so that is kind of frustrating at times. Then we also had a good lesson with some references from the coast they are aweosme , one even accepted our invatation to be baptized. 
Also when we were going back to the house for the night we ran into a man who stopped and asked how we maintain our physical health which was kind of weird, and then 2 min later two jovenes came up to us and were trying to expalin a part in the bible saying how we are all carzy that was interesting so I kindly told them we were late for something and we left. 

Sabado We also had a lesson with the Family Garcia, basically told us they didnt want us to come back anymore, but we had a lesson with which was a little awkward , because she litterally wants nothing to do with book of Mormon the worst part is she didn't give us a reason why, so who knows. 

Domingo: was super good we had 7 invetsigators at church, and a couple of menos activos including J* even in a suit in tie! Also later he came with us to visit people , it's like all of the sudden something has clicked and he his getting really excited about the gospel! It is so awesome! He now is a ward missionary! Also we had a couple of really grest lessons with both Families B*.

Hoy: we litterally did nothing my Comapion wasn't feeling well, and slept most of the day, I wrote in my journal , exercised , palyed soccer against my self in the house and won jaja, also studied a lot of español. 

Anyways so that's how my week went , I'm hoping this week will be a lot better! I love you guys so much and thank you for your prayers they are very much needed! :) 

Elder Strong.:)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 28 We had a great week!!

That is crazy!! Man Seth you are going to be a great missionary! The people of Madrid are really lucky to have you! Plus they have the best soccer team in the world! Also have fun with your talk bro! and go learn spanish. Yeah food for me doesn't sound good either , I think I might be like super dehydrated. Jaja that is funny , but poor little girl. And the temple is always awesome!!! Jaja camping on the farm , but good food. 

Alright so this week ...

Meircoles: We had a Reunion de Zona and we learned that we have to be like ducks because when they go into the water they come out dry , we need to be the going into situations with stress or other things be in them but not let them become part of us. Also we had a Noche de Hogar as a ward it went well it was about mothers day so it made me a little homesick but it was way awesome to remember how great my mom is. Also we watched the video the worlds toughest job) You should watch it mom !

Jueves we only had 30 mins to plan our week , which usually takes por lo menos 2 horas, so yeah that was a little stressful!

Viernes: we had intercambios I went with E Aguilar a new missionary mas o menos this his 2 cambio , he is really cool, the only bad thing is that he likes Barcelona, but with missionary work he is really great and learning a lot. Also our last lesson we shared the video about the restauration , and the investigator had a friend there and at the end of the lesson he said where can I buy one of the books of Mormon, we were like tenga es suyo.

Sabado: well it was pretty good , we had a lesson with a less active with a member and he talks forever and it was all off topic but for some reason the duaghter that never wants to listen , had questions that we were able to answer and we were able to set up a new appointment to visit with her so that was awesome. Also we went to aplogize to the Famillia B* for not passing by early in the day, but when we ended up passing by in the night they had family members over and we were able to teach them too. and they are interested !! 

Domingo:  we went to church and guess who we found at church J* the less active, it was awesome!, and then he came with us today and played soccer with the other members of the ward.!!!

So over all it was a good week , and hopefully this coming week will be better! I hope all is going well for you guys at home,  and CONGRATULATIONS Seth !

Love you guys have a great week !

Elder Strong

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 27 Mother's Day Skype, and Baptisms

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Wow sounds like dad did an awesome job with the talk probably from all those years as a high council men. Wow  June 4th that is coming up really soon yeah, almost done with high school and on to the real world. Then you start back at the  beginning with Jacob.Hopefully family home evening will go well you will have to tell me how it went. And it is crazy I was just thinking how Brett and them are like all coming home pretty soon that is so weird and Melanie too. jaja I look forward to your words all the time !:) My brown shoes are the one that the guy poured his beer on. I dont think they still smell like beer, but I dont smell them very often so I'm not a 100 precent sure. 

Anyways so my week here in Colombia: 
Martes: No lessons which was kind of a bummer, but  later we had a (reunion San Gil) which basically means we went to the other Elders house and ate Pizza, and played games. Also it was Super hot in the night so I wasnt able to sleep well at all, but life goes on.

Miercoles: Reunion de district went well , then we went to lunch and the family was watching the Barcelona game , then later we had a lesson with V* Nuñez about the 10 commmandments and her brother who likes Barcelona was like telling me how they are the best team , so I told him thou shalt not lie jaja it was pretty funny he had a good luagh. 

Jueves another lesson with V* and her sister A* because their baptisms are coming up pretty fast.Then we had a Lesson with one of the new investigadores, but we have had 3 lessons with him but we are still on lesson one because he has a lot of random questions , and doesn't seem to have patience for us to get to the part in the lesson, I'm about to loose my patience too jaja . :p 

Viernes: Weekly planning , then a super awkward lunch with a family who is investigating the church that weren't progressin so the other elders stopped visitng , so that was kind of awkward. , then we had a lesson with Family Arenas which we had a pretty powerful lesson with them but it is just a lot of talk with , so idk. 


BUATISMOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! A*and V* Nuñez were both able to get baptized so that was great to see the fruits of our labor and their desires to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ in Completeing all the commandments of God. And also talking with my Family was Pretty Spectacular!! it was awesome to see their smiles and hear<their voices again !! 

Domingo not much happened we did find a new investigator so that was good I guess.

Hoy we went bowling because we arent allowed to play soccer as a zone anymore :( sad day , but bowling was fun , but I'm a lot worse here in Colombia for some reason . 

I love you guys it was great to skype with and see how great things are going back home , I love you all so much have a great week this week, make it the best.

Elder Strong

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 26 amazing week!!

Yeah I am hoping  that Seth's mission papers will come too that day well on Saturday, that would be so amazing! Taylor is going to Rancho bucamango Mission where ever that is ? Yeah, I'm glad that you were able to go to the temple this week the temple is for sure a strength in our lives plus we get help do the lord´s work.J* and k*  jaja sound exactly like Baily jaja , but the good thing is that they were able to get it done ! Yeah dont worry the first time I watched Meet the Mormons on my mission I cried at the very same part.Yeah thanks for all your prayers :)  

Okay so this week in Colombia well like usual HOT !!!! , but other than that normal , so I'm not going to write a big email because I will talk to you  on Saturday okay? jaja jk ...

Martes: We had a lesson with V* the daughter of the family we are rescuing right now, and we invited her to be baptized for this coming Saturday and she is super excited for it !Also later we had a lesson with Family Bayona a new family investigating the church and they accpted a Baptism date for the  23 of may so hopefully everything will work out.

Meircoles we had interviews with our Mission President. It was really good he told me that at this point in my mission are when things start to change. I will have to start taking the lead in a lot more things, and for all those that know me I feel more comfortable being  a follower. I have started to take the lead with something's with my companion that I have now. Anyways also we had a noche de barrio Wednesday about the Libro De mormón  so that was good.

Jueves: Well this day we didn't have a whole lot of luck or success we had two lessons abut other than that not much, and for some reason I was feeling a little stressed not sure why but yeah.

Viernes: We had a meeting with our district it was good. I had to give a capacitación for it about how when we set dates for baptism we are completing our missioanry purpose , but I think it went well , at least my comp said so, but I did use a lot of drawings to help express my self jaja ;) Then I had intercambios with Elder Lendley, it went well we set a date for A* the sister of V* for the same day this Saturday.

Sabado:  We had a lesson with J*  about A talk given by President utchdorf called Sleeping through the Restauration which went really well , it is a super good talk!!! Then we went to Bucramanga to eat Dominos because no one scheduled lunch with us so yeah pizza. Also we had a new investigator J*  Carlos he is super cool , and wants to learn more. We also had a lesson with M* and set a Baptismal date with her as well, but she still needs to come to church so hopefully this will give her something to work toward. 

Domingo : we went to church which was good , and we only had one lesson this day and it happens that he moved out of the area of the other elders so yeah. 

Hoy typical pday futbol which was awesome !!! then por su puesto, Dominos. also later in the morning we cleaned the house a little , yeah I know shocker.

Anyways so that was this week , I cant WAIT TO TALK WITH YOU GUYS THIS SATURDAY !!!!! 6:30 my time. I love you all so much and I pray for you all, all the time , have a great week , and hopefully Seth´s call will come !!! :)

Love you so much , 
Elder Strong