Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 29 lots of investigators at church

On May 25, 2015, at 4:36 PM, Tyler Strong <> wrote:

Well we didn't have a baptism because they didn't attend church like a week ago so that fell through. I can't believe Jacob is 14 years old that is super crazy! Hmm doesn't sound like me I loved going to dances jaja. Sounds like the Jared I know , anywhere but school. I personally like gray pants , but thats just me. Also shoes defenitely eccos for sure. and buy some good insoles for his shoes too if you can. It really depends on the weather there. Only 8 days of school and Seth will be done with high school , Jacob will be going to high school , and Jared Jr. High that is super crazy! Tell Brett High for me. 

Anyways so this week was alright , the best day was probably Sunday.

Miercoles: We had our district meeting which went well we talkef about the importance of compromisos , later we went and had a lesson with V*and her brother E* about service which was good but I'm getting worrried , because they haven't been to church since their baptism. It has rained everyday in the late afternoon and night, so we got soaked from head to toe like almost every day but thats okay. Then we had  a lesson with Familia *which went well, and then a lesson with E* which was alright we didn't really have much time to teach any doctorine only respond to a few questions he had. 

Jueves: well we had a lesson with a new investigator named A* she seems pretty interested in the Gospel, so we willl see how things go. Also we had a lesson with Family N* then we had a meeting with the ward mission leader, but now we have a new leader who litterally just got back from his mission 4 days ago. 

Viernes: We had a lesson with N* and her duaghter about the Apostasy but for some reason the duaghter doesn't understand the importance of  it or the authority of the priesthood so that is kind of frustrating at times. Then we also had a good lesson with some references from the coast they are aweosme , one even accepted our invatation to be baptized. 
Also when we were going back to the house for the night we ran into a man who stopped and asked how we maintain our physical health which was kind of weird, and then 2 min later two jovenes came up to us and were trying to expalin a part in the bible saying how we are all carzy that was interesting so I kindly told them we were late for something and we left. 

Sabado We also had a lesson with the Family Garcia, basically told us they didnt want us to come back anymore, but we had a lesson with which was a little awkward , because she litterally wants nothing to do with book of Mormon the worst part is she didn't give us a reason why, so who knows. 

Domingo: was super good we had 7 invetsigators at church, and a couple of menos activos including J* even in a suit in tie! Also later he came with us to visit people , it's like all of the sudden something has clicked and he his getting really excited about the gospel! It is so awesome! He now is a ward missionary! Also we had a couple of really grest lessons with both Families B*.

Hoy: we litterally did nothing my Comapion wasn't feeling well, and slept most of the day, I wrote in my journal , exercised , palyed soccer against my self in the house and won jaja, also studied a lot of espaƱol. 

Anyways so that's how my week went , I'm hoping this week will be a lot better! I love you guys so much and thank you for your prayers they are very much needed! :) 

Elder Strong.:)

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