Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 28 We had a great week!!

That is crazy!! Man Seth you are going to be a great missionary! The people of Madrid are really lucky to have you! Plus they have the best soccer team in the world! Also have fun with your talk bro! and go learn spanish. Yeah food for me doesn't sound good either , I think I might be like super dehydrated. Jaja that is funny , but poor little girl. And the temple is always awesome!!! Jaja camping on the farm , but good food. 

Alright so this week ...

Meircoles: We had a Reunion de Zona and we learned that we have to be like ducks because when they go into the water they come out dry , we need to be the going into situations with stress or other things be in them but not let them become part of us. Also we had a Noche de Hogar as a ward it went well it was about mothers day so it made me a little homesick but it was way awesome to remember how great my mom is. Also we watched the video the worlds toughest job) You should watch it mom !

Jueves we only had 30 mins to plan our week , which usually takes por lo menos 2 horas, so yeah that was a little stressful!

Viernes: we had intercambios I went with E Aguilar a new missionary mas o menos this his 2 cambio , he is really cool, the only bad thing is that he likes Barcelona, but with missionary work he is really great and learning a lot. Also our last lesson we shared the video about the restauration , and the investigator had a friend there and at the end of the lesson he said where can I buy one of the books of Mormon, we were like tenga es suyo.

Sabado: well it was pretty good , we had a lesson with a less active with a member and he talks forever and it was all off topic but for some reason the duaghter that never wants to listen , had questions that we were able to answer and we were able to set up a new appointment to visit with her so that was awesome. Also we went to aplogize to the Famillia B* for not passing by early in the day, but when we ended up passing by in the night they had family members over and we were able to teach them too. and they are interested !! 

Domingo:  we went to church and guess who we found at church J* the less active, it was awesome!, and then he came with us today and played soccer with the other members of the ward.!!!

So over all it was a good week , and hopefully this coming week will be better! I hope all is going well for you guys at home,  and CONGRATULATIONS Seth !

Love you guys have a great week !

Elder Strong

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