Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 26 amazing week!!

Yeah I am hoping  that Seth's mission papers will come too that day well on Saturday, that would be so amazing! Taylor is going to Rancho bucamango Mission where ever that is ? Yeah, I'm glad that you were able to go to the temple this week the temple is for sure a strength in our lives plus we get help do the lord´s work.J* and k*  jaja sound exactly like Baily jaja , but the good thing is that they were able to get it done ! Yeah dont worry the first time I watched Meet the Mormons on my mission I cried at the very same part.Yeah thanks for all your prayers :)  

Okay so this week in Colombia well like usual HOT !!!! , but other than that normal , so I'm not going to write a big email because I will talk to you  on Saturday okay? jaja jk ...

Martes: We had a lesson with V* the daughter of the family we are rescuing right now, and we invited her to be baptized for this coming Saturday and she is super excited for it !Also later we had a lesson with Family Bayona a new family investigating the church and they accpted a Baptism date for the  23 of may so hopefully everything will work out.

Meircoles we had interviews with our Mission President. It was really good he told me that at this point in my mission are when things start to change. I will have to start taking the lead in a lot more things, and for all those that know me I feel more comfortable being  a follower. I have started to take the lead with something's with my companion that I have now. Anyways also we had a noche de barrio Wednesday about the Libro De mormón  so that was good.

Jueves: Well this day we didn't have a whole lot of luck or success we had two lessons abut other than that not much, and for some reason I was feeling a little stressed not sure why but yeah.

Viernes: We had a meeting with our district it was good. I had to give a capacitación for it about how when we set dates for baptism we are completing our missioanry purpose , but I think it went well , at least my comp said so, but I did use a lot of drawings to help express my self jaja ;) Then I had intercambios with Elder Lendley, it went well we set a date for A* the sister of V* for the same day this Saturday.

Sabado:  We had a lesson with J*  about A talk given by President utchdorf called Sleeping through the Restauration which went really well , it is a super good talk!!! Then we went to Bucramanga to eat Dominos because no one scheduled lunch with us so yeah pizza. Also we had a new investigator J*  Carlos he is super cool , and wants to learn more. We also had a lesson with M* and set a Baptismal date with her as well, but she still needs to come to church so hopefully this will give her something to work toward. 

Domingo : we went to church which was good , and we only had one lesson this day and it happens that he moved out of the area of the other elders so yeah. 

Hoy typical pday futbol which was awesome !!! then por su puesto, Dominos. also later in the morning we cleaned the house a little , yeah I know shocker.

Anyways so that was this week , I cant WAIT TO TALK WITH YOU GUYS THIS SATURDAY !!!!! 6:30 my time. I love you all so much and I pray for you all, all the time , have a great week , and hopefully Seth´s call will come !!! :)

Love you so much , 
Elder Strong

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