Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 25 obedience brings forth blessings!!

That woud be way awesome if Seth got his call before mothers day ! I will definitely pray for that !!:) Yeah Taylor received his call this week he is going to ...... CALIFORNIA!!!!!!! Except a different mission. Sounds like a fun campout jaja , I love  it when it rains here because that means it is a little cooler, but right before the rain it is super hot! But what a nice dad jaja :) sounds like a great day to fish, for this reason I don't like fishing , but I guess it means all the fish are rightous avoiding temptation and all jaja. Kayden ran more than Josh and Jared ? we can buy all that stuff down here. My shoes are good except my pday shoes they are officially  trashed after futbol today. Thanks for the great advice and support mom.

Anyways so this week in Colombia looked a little something like this...

Starting with miercoles because I don't really recall martes for some reason. 
Miercoles: We had a district meeting in the morning with our new district. So our New leader is Elder Lendley he has one more Cambio than me in the mission, and he is training also right now. Then it is his companion Elder Aguilar, My comp E. Henriquez, yo, and 2hermanas. Anyways Elder Lendley gave a good lesson on the type of missionaries we should be , he used a talk that talked about 4 different types of missionaries. it went well. Then afterward we went back to the apartment and I killed like 4 Cucarachas and then 2 more later in the night. 

Jueves: Weekly planning that always takes forever, so we buy some food from the tienda by our casa to eat while we plan :) After we went to lunch it was good minus the jugo oshhhh horrible, but none of us said anything we just drank it. Then the mom was like isn't the jugo super rico, and we all looked at each other and were like sí hermana muy rico el jugo. then she asked if we wanted more and we gladly rejected the offer but thanked her. Also this day no one was in their casas super pailas! but at the very end of the day we had a lesson with G* who we found on Sunday but the lesson didn't go as planned because he talks a lot and has a lot of questions because he had basically been studying a bunch of different religions so I've been trying to have patience with that.

Viernes: we had almuerzo again in the moutians with the family with the pet parrot named Blue however during the week it flew away , I think it probably flew home to brazil, and to go visit Jeremy in RIO. jaja Then we had a lesson with a Menos activo familia and my comp basically called them to repentence and in a super direct way , but I think it is what they needed. Fam A* we had one of the young men accompany us who just got the priesthood a week ago. We are having like no luck with this family for some reason , the lessons are super good , but they never follow through on stuff so that is a bit frustrating at times. But hopefully in the Lord{s time. 

Sabado: So this day was interesting so we didn't have any progress at the beginning  of the day minus the lesson with a return missionary who is less active and is having trouble with self doubts and things like that. The lessons are good  but yeah. Oh, so while we were waiting for a lesson  we were robbed buy 2 jovenes claiming thay had a gun, but luckily they only took our cell phone , and they didnt have a gun so you can relax mom it was just a pipe but yeah it was kind of intense , but we are safe and good :) So we ended up staying the night with the other Elders that night, then went back to our aprtment early in the morning. So now both companionships have had their cell phones robbed. 

Domingo We met a new family, family Bayona.(We had a super good lesson with a family who was a reference from a Less active family that we are in the process of rescuing , and they were able to accompany us to the lesson it went really well . The family is super excited about the church they even came to church Sunday and that is how we met them. They loved how the church was so focused on families and so organized so we taught the lesson 1 the restauration which went super well, and they excepted our invation to read the Book of Mormon, and pray about, and also our invitation to be baptized so that was super cool to see the hand of the Lord at the end of the week. We have also received a lot of help from the ward members this week so that was cool ! )It was way awesome  

Hoy: was typical Pday futbol and dominos , execpet my shoes ripped today , but it was fun and I saw Elder Tipton again because he came to the Zone this week so that was cool !

How are you guys? it is great to get the updates and all the advice . I love you guys so much .
and if you want to send my indoor soccer shoes that would be awesome, but if not Ithink I can buy some  here. 
Love you guys ,
Elder Strong :)

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