Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 24 I am staying in the same area

Wow that sounds like a super cool stake conference. I just fasted this Saturday and Sunday for a couple of our investigators I'm not sure it helped but I'm  hoping it will help in one way or another. There was also the first talk in General conference about fasting that I really enjoyed and was able to find strength as I was fasting. That also sounds like a super great talk from President Brown I wish I could here the whole thing but thanks for giving a summary. Ward Councils are definitely important and honestly didn't even now what exactly they were and what they did until I got here in the mission, but yes they are important in the work of the Lord. Hopefully Seth can get his papers in soon , the suspense is killing me waiting to here where he will go. Also Taylor said his call might come this week so that is super exciting!!! Fishing wow that is cool, showed them up , put them in their place jaja. Eagle project,fishing hopefully soon missions starting. ( SOAR like an Eagle). Super cool Jared keep up the good school work. It is definitely important man. Kayden man what a great example of living your faith bro, you are a hero to me man, because I know that I wouldn't even think of that at your age, so that is awesome , preparing to be missionary! Temples are truely amazing and beautiful. 

Anyways so this week in Colombia , Last week of this transfer, but me and my Companion are both staying here. 

Martes: We had lunch out in the farm in the mountians area , the family has a pet Parrot named Blue like the movie Rio, and they also have two crazy hound dogs, which are super cool, mostly because I love dogs. The view from there house is spectaular, it is super beautiful. Also we had a really good original clombiana lunch.

Miércoles: In the mornig we had District meeting , then later we had a lesson about the plan de salvación with Familia Nuñez which went well. The 2 hijas (daughters) who arent baptized will be baptized in the up comming weeks. Also we finally had a lesson with M Reyes about the Restoration which was super great and  she was really interested in it. Also later in the night we had a Noche de Hogar en la capilla , and we played a game were we had to act out a prophet and everyone had to guess, luckily it was acting so i dont have to use spanish jaja jk. I had to act out Lot which was pretty hard, but evntually they guessed after going through like all the profetas jaja. 

Jueves: for lunch we went to a casa de una familia que tuvo a BBQ so that was awesome and super rico. También tuvimos una lección con la familia Nuñez otra vez y miramos un vídeo sobre el bautismo de Cristo. In the youngest hija is super animada para ser bautizada. 
We also had una lección with Famlia Arenas a part member familia, they are really friendly and always have time for us, but they have been struggling with keeping there part with out invitaciones. I was alos to teach a little english becuase one  of the thier hijas wants to be a english teacher I feel like every young girl wants to do that here, but it was fun teaching english. 

Viernes : well not much happened , but we did have a great lesson with A new investigator. 

Sabado : not much happened this day tampoco, but I did start a fast to help my investigadores , and also for you guys back home. I was hoping more of our invetigatores would be at church but , Pialas! But we aren't giving up, it is just kind of frustrating at times . 

Domingo: so I ended my fast with reading scriptures and prayer and I found a really cool one in Alma 5 verse 26. 
Also we had a great lesson with Erkia and Julio who are super awesome , and they want to get married in the temple, but first they need to be bapitzed, but it is great they have this desire! 

Hoy: we went bowling I bowled  super lousy for some reason, then you know it DOMINOS !!! :)

I hope all is going well back home thanks for the tips and counsel and everything else , I very much appreciate it!!!!!!
Package: flash drive or memory cards. candy ,my pv soccer shirt or a new pv soccer shirt , letters , and more food ! :) 

Thanks love, Elder Strong

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