Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week 89

Thanks Mom for the update, I hope you were all able to go to six flags and enjoy it! 

Anyways week 5 in Cúcuta...

Martes: not much happened we were basically walking and talking with people most of the day. Then in the night we had a lesson with a recent convert, but she told us how she doesnt have a testimony, and she doesnt like to read the Book of Mormon. 

Miercoles: 20 de julio (do you know what that means?) Independence day here in Colombia. it was alright not to cool or anything. Not even close to the states with fireworks in all that, but it was still cool. We had a lesson with Andres(less avtive) and his sister and mom, which went well. Then we went to visit hno.Mendoza.

Jueves: I was a little stressed in the morning. One because my companion is sometimes a little slow in the morning so some times he misses his personal study and then takes the time of our companionship study for his personal study. So that drove me a little crazy. And then in the night we had to cancel 2 lessons to go to ward council which didnt take place because no one showed up!! Here they dont take ward concil to seriously, but the bishop is trying so we will see. But I did learn to index while we were waitng for the Bishop so that was cool, because i have never done it before jaja oopps. 

Viernes: We had intercambios with the zone leaders which was good. I was with Elder Tucker, he is some how related to the Keables. So that was kind of neat. Anyways intercambios where good, we went and visited a part of their  area that is really humble where almost everyone lives in shafts with tin roofs and walls and dirt floors. That was a really humbling experince. And the people there were really receptive so that was cool! 

Sabado: I read a talk about forgiveness, which helped me so much with my companion I talked with him and now we are on the same page which is good, but it is an amazing talk form the last conference!!! I recommend that you all read it! It really is helping me right now. Anyways later in the night we had a lesson with Andres and we talked with his son and his wife who arent members, which was super cool! 

Domingo: We talked a lot about that talk I read which was legit! I learned so much about forgiveness! And then we went on divisions in san martin. and had a few really good lesson. We had a lesson with a family that just moved from Venezuela. 

Hoy: We played so basketball suprise , it wasnt futbol this week, it was only because we didnt have a soccer ball sad day:( , but it was still good. Anyways I hope you all have a good week. Good luck Jacob with Football! Have a fun and exciting week! Love you all,
Elder Fuerte:)

Week 88 baptism of Kevin

Im glad that you all had a great week! And that is awesome that all you guys are enjoying summer because it is slowly coming to an end!!! 

Well week 4 in Cucuta.....

Martes: Not much happened we did have a lesson with a recent convert who is like less active right now, he wants to come back , but I dont think he has all the desires still so we are working with him because he is16 and his family is not to supportive, but he wants to serve a mission so we will see.

Miercoles: We had a lesson with E_  a new investigator it was great. He is really receptive and everything, but doesnt have time on Sunday's  to come to church with us. Oh we also had our Zone meeting which went super well it was great. 

Jueves: We had interviews with Pres. Laney  which was good. Also I got a text from Mom but on Sis. Laneys cellular jaja that was kind of funny. I love you Mom you are the greatest. And Im glad you care and worry so much about us. :) I also had to help a lot of the Latins with their english. And Pres. Laney bought us pizza so that was so good! Then we went and visited Kevin to set up his baptism for Saturday. 

Viernes: We visited Y_  a return missionary and his family less actives which was super good. And they Invited us to play Tejo some Pday so we will have to do that! Oh also I left the keys in the house so we were locked out, but luckily the owner of our house is our neighbor and he had extra keys so that was  good!

Sabado : Was the Best day!!!!!!! Kevin was baptized!!!!!!!!! that was so cool. He is 11 years old and he isliterally  just like Joshua! Not even kidding! It was like baptizing Josh again! But it was a super cool experience , his grandma came to his baptism who isnt a member and she really enjoyed it! Also after lunch my comp got his Patriarchal blessing, and he allowed me to be there while he received it,  which was super spiritual! It was so cool!!! 

Domingo: Church went well, but no one had lunch for us afterwards, so we had to cook. Well I ate cereal jaja, but then we had a FHE with a family and they gave us some soup which was good. 

Hoy: We had our zone activity, we played Futbol , and some other games.

Altogther this week went well. I hope you guys have a great week!
Love you all ,
Elder Fuerte:)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 87

Okay Im glad that you guys had a great vaccation and that you made it back safe and sound. Sounds like you had a great time!! 

Week 3 in Colombia ....

Martes: I went and got my haircut, because Monday was a hoilday here to and nothing is open here during the hoidays. Only bars and restuarants haha. But I did mangae to start a conversation with them , and we talked about the church and they are pretty interested in it! Later we had a lesson with Henry. He is from Venezuela , and right now he is having a really hard time. He doesn't  have a job , and has cancer , and has a son to take care of. It was a really touching experience to hear his story and all that he has experienced I cant even begin to say how many things and trials he has passed through. But we shared a message that God, through Christ gives us the strength we need to keep moving upward! Later we had a leson with the Fam Mantilla and their nephew  isnt a member so we are teaching him the lessons he is only 8 years old but he has really deep questions! 

Miercoles: Yesion( henrys son) came with us to go on visits with us. We went and had a lesson with Kevin who has a baptism date for this Saturday so hopefully it goes well! Later we had a lesson with Hno. Mendoza a less active who lives 2 blocks form the church but hasnt been for over a year, but he is a great guy, I think litlle by little he will start coming back.

Jueves: WE had a lesson with Edgar Pavon and it went went well  he had a lot of preguntas about life after this life so we shared a part of the plan of salvation. 

Viernes: We went and helped a less active with some service. We had to clean her wall of her old business. It was good to do service and get to do something new. Later we went to San Martin , but no one was home, until we ran into a Sister form the church , and we went and had a lesson with Cariña. 

Sabado: We went and, I met David for the first time a recent convert who is less active, but he wants to come back to prepare for a mission so we are going to help him prepare. he also wants to come with us on visits! Later we had a lesson with the Familia Mantilla which went well. Then Gorge the uncle came with us to visit Kevin. And after the leson we had an epic nerf fight . 

Domingo: Sunday was super cool. Church went well we had 4 invetigators come to church! Later we went to San Martin with Gorge and he presented us to his friends so that was cool! And we were able to meet some more less actives in San Martin.Then we had a lesson with the Fam Murillo and it was are first lesson with them , but it went super well the spirit was super strong. Nicolas a teacher came with us and he did an amazing job in the lesson. He knows a ton more than I did when I was 15. 

Hoy: we went to the Hospital to give a blessing to a member who has cancer. She is the kindest lady, even  though  she is suffering a ton, she had a huge smile on her face when we came to visit her! 

Anyways that was pretty my week it went really well, but I hope this week will be even better! 
I love you all so much you are all in my prayers, have a great week,
Elder Fuerte:)💪

Week 86

Wow sounds like a really fun week! Im glad that you all enjoyed yourselves, and were able to spend time as a family. 

Week 2 in Cúcuta....

Martes: Well my Comp Elder Velancia from Bolivia had his meeting with the other district leaders. While we were waiting I was talking with Elder Colon a new missionary from Utah. He gave me some beef Jerky which was super awesome and nice of him!  Later we went to visit a less active but as we were reaching her house, a child came out telling us if we were looking for Hermano Antonio, so thinking it was a less active we went to say hi and get to know him. Turns out the little boy mistaked us for the Jehova witness, and we ended up talking to him for like an hour not coming to an agreement. Then later we went and  talked with a less active and her friend was there, so now we have some new to visit which is good , because we don't have many investigators :( 

Miercoles: We had our district meeting. It was good we invited the young adults who are preparing for a mission to come with us which they did so that was legit. I was in charge of teaching everyone english because I'm the only one who speaks it in the district. Anyways I taught the parts of the body, doing the Hoki Poki dance jaja. it was a lot of fun. then we had cake to celebrate the birthday of one of the sisters. Later we had a lesson with the Family Gonzalez it went well. She just got out of the hospital, and she gave us 2 reference to go vistit at the hospital. Later Her husband came with us to a lesson we had it was great , because he is out of work right now, and what he does is what one of our investigators needs, so that worked out super well! 

Jueves: We went to the hospital with Hno. Edgar, to give blessing it was a great experience to help others, and exercise priesthood power. Later we went with a young man Nicolas to visit some less actives which went well we invited them to the party the youth had that night and ºthey both came. Also the ward gave us Hayacas for dinner , It is like a tamale. 

Viernes: WE went to San Martin , a little peublo close by it was good, Israel a return missionary came with us to visit people and help get to know the area better so that was good! Later we got back and we had a lesson with Edgar which went well. 

Sabado: We went to visit a member who wanted to present his family to us because he is the only memeber. We arrived like an hour an half late because we got lost getting there, but eventually we got there. And he offered us a ton of food, but I was fasting so I had to turn it down. Later we went with Juan Pablo who is here on vaction he is a student at BYU ,but he is preparing for the mission so he came with us to
Visit Kevin a young boy who is about to be baptized. 

Sunday : not much happened we went to San martin again but almost all our lessons fell trhough. 

Hoy: Classic we played some Micro. I still havent bought a camera, because today is a holiday, and also my other to cameras are almost fixed, but I have some pictures Ill see if I can send them. 

Thanks I love you all of a great week , enjoy your summer! :)


Week 85

Thanks Mom sounds like you guys had a week full of adventures! 

1st week in Cucuta....

Miercoles: We had a lesson with maria who is an investigator, she has a baptism date for the 9th of July, so we will see how that goes, she is a huge fan of David Archeleta and that is how she came to know about the church and conacted it. Cool right? Later we had a lesson with Magda less active and return missionary, but she hasnt been to church for 3 years! But she reads the book of Mormon , and everything. Later we met another person who conacted the church, she is really inetrested but  wont be here this week, but it was cool to talk with her. 

Jueves: We did some service after lunch , for the family Porras pulling weeds, in the heat that was fun. Later we had ward council, and Im really excited to work with the members of ward here!

Viernes; We tried to clean up the area book because it is a disaster , and the don't even have papers of the people they are teaching, so that was a little frustrating. Then we had a lesson with Sebastian, who is less active , and his dad isnt a member , also he has a sister in the mission, so we will see how it goes he seems like a great young man, but I dont think he has support right now from anyone. Later we went and met the Hernandez family they are a new married couple and really awesome she taught us how to mkae home made pancakes so I'm going to try to make them this week!

Sabado: We had our district meeting, however the sister missionaries thought it was in a different chapel and they had the keys, and so we had to wait liike 30 mins in the rain for them to arrive. But I perfer the rain over the heat any day! Later we had a zone activity were we had a capilla abierta,. and brought a bunch people to come and get to know the church it was a huge sucess! Later we had walk like an hour home because we didnt have money for the taxi jaja. 

Domingo: they gave me a warm welcoming by having me speak on misionary work! But it was all good, because afterwards lots of people came up to me telling me I did a great Job, so that was awesome! Then we got to talk with the young about missionary work which was cool. One of them showed us around our area to get to know it a little better.

Hoy: we played futbol which was way fun! 

Anyways that was my week. The name of my ward is Quinta Bosch. I love you all hope you have a great week! :)
Elder Fuerte