Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week 89

Thanks Mom for the update, I hope you were all able to go to six flags and enjoy it! 

Anyways week 5 in Cúcuta...

Martes: not much happened we were basically walking and talking with people most of the day. Then in the night we had a lesson with a recent convert, but she told us how she doesnt have a testimony, and she doesnt like to read the Book of Mormon. 

Miercoles: 20 de julio (do you know what that means?) Independence day here in Colombia. it was alright not to cool or anything. Not even close to the states with fireworks in all that, but it was still cool. We had a lesson with Andres(less avtive) and his sister and mom, which went well. Then we went to visit hno.Mendoza.

Jueves: I was a little stressed in the morning. One because my companion is sometimes a little slow in the morning so some times he misses his personal study and then takes the time of our companionship study for his personal study. So that drove me a little crazy. And then in the night we had to cancel 2 lessons to go to ward council which didnt take place because no one showed up!! Here they dont take ward concil to seriously, but the bishop is trying so we will see. But I did learn to index while we were waitng for the Bishop so that was cool, because i have never done it before jaja oopps. 

Viernes: We had intercambios with the zone leaders which was good. I was with Elder Tucker, he is some how related to the Keables. So that was kind of neat. Anyways intercambios where good, we went and visited a part of their  area that is really humble where almost everyone lives in shafts with tin roofs and walls and dirt floors. That was a really humbling experince. And the people there were really receptive so that was cool! 

Sabado: I read a talk about forgiveness, which helped me so much with my companion I talked with him and now we are on the same page which is good, but it is an amazing talk form the last conference!!! I recommend that you all read it! It really is helping me right now. Anyways later in the night we had a lesson with Andres and we talked with his son and his wife who arent members, which was super cool! 

Domingo: We talked a lot about that talk I read which was legit! I learned so much about forgiveness! And then we went on divisions in san martin. and had a few really good lesson. We had a lesson with a family that just moved from Venezuela. 

Hoy: We played so basketball suprise , it wasnt futbol this week, it was only because we didnt have a soccer ball sad day:( , but it was still good. Anyways I hope you all have a good week. Good luck Jacob with Football! Have a fun and exciting week! Love you all,
Elder Fuerte:)

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