Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week 88 baptism of Kevin

Im glad that you all had a great week! And that is awesome that all you guys are enjoying summer because it is slowly coming to an end!!! 

Well week 4 in Cucuta.....

Martes: Not much happened we did have a lesson with a recent convert who is like less active right now, he wants to come back , but I dont think he has all the desires still so we are working with him because he is16 and his family is not to supportive, but he wants to serve a mission so we will see.

Miercoles: We had a lesson with E_  a new investigator it was great. He is really receptive and everything, but doesnt have time on Sunday's  to come to church with us. Oh we also had our Zone meeting which went super well it was great. 

Jueves: We had interviews with Pres. Laney  which was good. Also I got a text from Mom but on Sis. Laneys cellular jaja that was kind of funny. I love you Mom you are the greatest. And Im glad you care and worry so much about us. :) I also had to help a lot of the Latins with their english. And Pres. Laney bought us pizza so that was so good! Then we went and visited Kevin to set up his baptism for Saturday. 

Viernes: We visited Y_  a return missionary and his family less actives which was super good. And they Invited us to play Tejo some Pday so we will have to do that! Oh also I left the keys in the house so we were locked out, but luckily the owner of our house is our neighbor and he had extra keys so that was  good!

Sabado : Was the Best day!!!!!!! Kevin was baptized!!!!!!!!! that was so cool. He is 11 years old and he isliterally  just like Joshua! Not even kidding! It was like baptizing Josh again! But it was a super cool experience , his grandma came to his baptism who isnt a member and she really enjoyed it! Also after lunch my comp got his Patriarchal blessing, and he allowed me to be there while he received it,  which was super spiritual! It was so cool!!! 

Domingo: Church went well, but no one had lunch for us afterwards, so we had to cook. Well I ate cereal jaja, but then we had a FHE with a family and they gave us some soup which was good. 

Hoy: We had our zone activity, we played Futbol , and some other games.

Altogther this week went well. I hope you guys have a great week!
Love you all ,
Elder Fuerte:)

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