Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 87

Okay Im glad that you guys had a great vaccation and that you made it back safe and sound. Sounds like you had a great time!! 

Week 3 in Colombia ....

Martes: I went and got my haircut, because Monday was a hoilday here to and nothing is open here during the hoidays. Only bars and restuarants haha. But I did mangae to start a conversation with them , and we talked about the church and they are pretty interested in it! Later we had a lesson with Henry. He is from Venezuela , and right now he is having a really hard time. He doesn't  have a job , and has cancer , and has a son to take care of. It was a really touching experience to hear his story and all that he has experienced I cant even begin to say how many things and trials he has passed through. But we shared a message that God, through Christ gives us the strength we need to keep moving upward! Later we had a leson with the Fam Mantilla and their nephew  isnt a member so we are teaching him the lessons he is only 8 years old but he has really deep questions! 

Miercoles: Yesion( henrys son) came with us to go on visits with us. We went and had a lesson with Kevin who has a baptism date for this Saturday so hopefully it goes well! Later we had a lesson with Hno. Mendoza a less active who lives 2 blocks form the church but hasnt been for over a year, but he is a great guy, I think litlle by little he will start coming back.

Jueves: WE had a lesson with Edgar Pavon and it went went well  he had a lot of preguntas about life after this life so we shared a part of the plan of salvation. 

Viernes: We went and helped a less active with some service. We had to clean her wall of her old business. It was good to do service and get to do something new. Later we went to San Martin , but no one was home, until we ran into a Sister form the church , and we went and had a lesson with Cariña. 

Sabado: We went and, I met David for the first time a recent convert who is less active, but he wants to come back to prepare for a mission so we are going to help him prepare. he also wants to come with us on visits! Later we had a lesson with the Familia Mantilla which went well. Then Gorge the uncle came with us to visit Kevin. And after the leson we had an epic nerf fight . 

Domingo: Sunday was super cool. Church went well we had 4 invetigators come to church! Later we went to San Martin with Gorge and he presented us to his friends so that was cool! And we were able to meet some more less actives in San Martin.Then we had a lesson with the Fam Murillo and it was are first lesson with them , but it went super well the spirit was super strong. Nicolas a teacher came with us and he did an amazing job in the lesson. He knows a ton more than I did when I was 15. 

Hoy: we went to the Hospital to give a blessing to a member who has cancer. She is the kindest lady, even  though  she is suffering a ton, she had a huge smile on her face when we came to visit her! 

Anyways that was pretty my week it went really well, but I hope this week will be even better! 
I love you all so much you are all in my prayers, have a great week,
Elder Fuerte:)💪

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