Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 86

Wow sounds like a really fun week! Im glad that you all enjoyed yourselves, and were able to spend time as a family. 

Week 2 in Cúcuta....

Martes: Well my Comp Elder Velancia from Bolivia had his meeting with the other district leaders. While we were waiting I was talking with Elder Colon a new missionary from Utah. He gave me some beef Jerky which was super awesome and nice of him!  Later we went to visit a less active but as we were reaching her house, a child came out telling us if we were looking for Hermano Antonio, so thinking it was a less active we went to say hi and get to know him. Turns out the little boy mistaked us for the Jehova witness, and we ended up talking to him for like an hour not coming to an agreement. Then later we went and  talked with a less active and her friend was there, so now we have some new to visit which is good , because we don't have many investigators :( 

Miercoles: We had our district meeting. It was good we invited the young adults who are preparing for a mission to come with us which they did so that was legit. I was in charge of teaching everyone english because I'm the only one who speaks it in the district. Anyways I taught the parts of the body, doing the Hoki Poki dance jaja. it was a lot of fun. then we had cake to celebrate the birthday of one of the sisters. Later we had a lesson with the Family Gonzalez it went well. She just got out of the hospital, and she gave us 2 reference to go vistit at the hospital. Later Her husband came with us to a lesson we had it was great , because he is out of work right now, and what he does is what one of our investigators needs, so that worked out super well! 

Jueves: We went to the hospital with Hno. Edgar, to give blessing it was a great experience to help others, and exercise priesthood power. Later we went with a young man Nicolas to visit some less actives which went well we invited them to the party the youth had that night and ºthey both came. Also the ward gave us Hayacas for dinner , It is like a tamale. 

Viernes: WE went to San Martin , a little peublo close by it was good, Israel a return missionary came with us to visit people and help get to know the area better so that was good! Later we got back and we had a lesson with Edgar which went well. 

Sabado: We went to visit a member who wanted to present his family to us because he is the only memeber. We arrived like an hour an half late because we got lost getting there, but eventually we got there. And he offered us a ton of food, but I was fasting so I had to turn it down. Later we went with Juan Pablo who is here on vaction he is a student at BYU ,but he is preparing for the mission so he came with us to
Visit Kevin a young boy who is about to be baptized. 

Sunday : not much happened we went to San martin again but almost all our lessons fell trhough. 

Hoy: Classic we played some Micro. I still havent bought a camera, because today is a holiday, and also my other to cameras are almost fixed, but I have some pictures Ill see if I can send them. 

Thanks I love you all of a great week , enjoy your summer! :)


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