Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 23

The Book of Mormon is definitely super great !
FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS KAY MAN !!!!!! so cool bro you are growing up so fast soon you will be a great missionary!
Seth super close that is great , keep me updated. Also the temple is wonderful I Wish I could go more, but after the mission! yeah it is great to see the work progressing with everyone going on missions!

Martes we were in San Gil for intercambios with the Elders there, it went pretty well we had a lesson with a less active who has been struggling with his testimony. He was also explaining how life was hard and everything about the church was difficult and that he would rather live a simpler life. In this moment my mind went back to the lessons I had in Sunday School, and I had the thought to testify about the atonement, so I did and it was awesome the Spirit was strong in this moment, and everyone was speechless. I dont now if he will come back to church but I was glad I could stand up for what I Believe
at least.

miércoles: We had a zone confrence then after wards one of the Zone leaders Elder Calaway came with me to Pidecuesta and worked in my area. He is really cool , and we have a lot in common. he studied one year at byui in the ag apartment before coming , and I think he wants to do what dad does with AG business. Also he is from Washington and he said me might now Carrie Anderson or well her Family, becuase his family farms in that area of Washington. Anyways we had a really good lesson with a part member family , and invited those who aren't  members to be baptized and also the boyfriend of one of the girls in the family, and they accepted. 

Jueves: We went to Bucramanga because my comp had a meeting Called TIME TO SHINE, so I was contacting people outside the church with other missionaries with the big sign that we saw with questions on line when we looked up photos about this mission.

Viernes not much happened this day because my Comp had another meeting this time as the leader of our disrtict.

Sábado: For lunch we had pasta which is really great to have a break from rice jaja. Also the other missionaries had a baptism , and need the keys to the chapel, but they were robbed the other day so they dont have a cell phone so we were literally running every where to find them and with luck we found them in about an hour or so, tender mercy for sure. 

Domingo: During testimony meeting there was a young boy who was bearing his teatimony and then didn't know what to say so he went in ran back to his bench then later during the meeting he got back up and bore a testinmoy. That  takes a lot of courage! Also one of our investigators was talking with us because she really wants to be married in the temple to her husband which is SUPEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRR COOL !!! Also I gave a Blessing of health to one the members of the family Arenas. I am pretty sure my spanish is horrible when giving blessings but , hopefully the spirit could make up for my lack of porper grammar. Also we found 2 new investigators so that is awesome.

Lunes: today we went played Futbol with the other missionaries so that was super fun . I love Playing soccer !! I think I might be getting better playing with all the latinos. Sometimes we play gringos vs Latinos  and we have actually won a couple times. crazy I know. 

So that has been my week here in Colombia, Cambios are next week, but hopefully I will be staying here! :)
Con muchismo amor ,
Elder Strong 

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