Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 22 Easter in Colombia

Thanks Mom for all the updates and great advice! One step closer for Seth then I wont be the only Strong out here serving!:) Also Ribs sound so good and dutch oven potatoes too! Thats too bad about Daniel, but yes please send him a copy and also mention that he can watch conference online also. Easter here is a little different , they have this thing called semmana Santa it is more of a catholic tradition  but it is super big here, so we didn't have a whole lot of lessons this week.  Electives well he has to take P:E  what math is he in ? Also Piano or instrument would be cool . I wish I would have  learned  how to play the piano better or guitar, culinary would be good for him to take to prepare him for his mission.

Tuesday- was a really good day and I had kind of a humbling experince more or less, so my Comp was hungry  like usual so we went to buy empanadas, and as he was eating I was talking with the owner of the mini restuarant about the gospel, and our purpose as missionaries, then I asked if he had seen or heard anything about us before , and then he said yes.Then he said I have seen you guys walk by, but I never see you greet anyone,  its like you are always in a hurry to be somewhere and don't have time to talk to anyone. That really made me stop and think.  I could have been angry at his comment, thinking as missionaries we do a lot , but instead I just thought about it , and asked myself how I could improve. So this week I've been working a lot 
with trying to greet everyone , with a Buenos Dias or something to the sort. 
Later in the Noche after a lesson we had the lights went out in the city which was REALLY WEIRD SO WE DECIDED  IT WOULD PROBABLY BE BEST TO HEAD BACK TO THE HOUSE, plus it was almost 9pm

Wed: We had a distirct meeting , also my Comp had the hiccups all day that was pretty entertaining especially during our district meeting because he is the leader. Also we had a noche de barrio which went way better than the last one, we even had some investigators show up!

Thur: We had a lot of lessons with Less actives ,even a return missonary who served in Chile, also with family Sandoral who are super friendly and gave us a ton of food to eat! 

Vierenes we had lunch with an Investigator and her huge family , she has almost as many siblings as dad. But it was great we had fish ,and of course it wouldn't be Colombia with out RICE. Also we had a lesson with Judi and her son about the Resurrection of Christ and shared Luke Chp. 24 . Also we had another lesson with a family and they have a son who reminds me of Josh . He is a year older but he has the exact same personality and even looks similar it is crazy! The only difference is he speaks spanish and has red hair. 

Sat: conference was super awesome , so I guess Marriage is like Super important!! But is was cool to hear the importance of families and how we should have strong bonds in the gospel as a family and all that. We also had Dominos for lunch that day so that was good! That night we stayed at the Zone leaders house. 

Sun . Easter! resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ , and thanks to him all of us will live again! :) Also conference was really good , loved the talk by Anderson , but they were all super good , and it is like the first time I haven't fallen alseep during it! Success! 
For our Easter Lunch ... you guessed it Rice !! and chicken and arepas. 

hoy: we went to San Gil 2 hours away to have intercambios with the elders here, and on the way there like half the people on the small bus were sick throwing up including my Comp, yeah it was super gross . Anyways on a brighter note when we got there we visited some beautiful waterfalls that were spectacular.! 

So that was this week , I hope all is going well back home , remember to follow the council  that was given to us by our prophet and apostles. Have a fantastic week . Love you all !!!

Elder Strong

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