Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 21

This week was really good can't complain. And no more moths but I found a couple of roaches during the week and it sounds like Jeremy is having the same bug problem. My district includes our companionship and 2 other campanionships. One of the elders was from my CCM group. Well the members don't  feed us dinner, because there really isn't a dinner here, but they do feed us lunch, which for the most part is good menos a few times (see jueves). But lots of members give us jucie when we visit them, one thing I really like about here is the Juice is super good!  
      General confence is this weekend super exciting , and that is cool that the message for the womens broadcast was on families, because they are definitely super important and a tremendous blessing. But I'm gald everything else is going well for you guys and that you are staying busy, and feeding the missionaries too, I can guarantee they appreciate it a lot. 

Anyways so this is what my week looked like:

Martes:My feet y back hurt for some reason idk what from,  but it hurt to walk , but I continued through the day, because there is no time to rest in the mission world. Also this day we had a lunch at a restruant becuase  a meber paid in advance for us , pero no, entonces we had an expesive lunch. later in the day was much better, we had a couple lessons with and*er , and his sister, because right now he is a menos activo, but his whole family is comming back to church(we rescued his dad last week ) but we had a lesson with him about the priesthood, and then with his sister( not a member) we started with lesson 1 , and she is super excited to be baptized so that is awesome, they are a super cool family. 

miercoles: We had a lesson with a young man named Sam*i another less active , he wants to come back also , and is thinking about serving a mission too. Also we had a lesson with Edis*n(  brother to Anderson) and we talked about the priesthood with him too and watched a super cool video about serving a mission by Thomas s Monson.

Jueves: For lunch we had some more cow stomach but this time I passed on it , because I didn't want to risk getting sick again, but my comp was happy to eat it . Also I got my haircut, much needed ( view photos). Also after our meeting for the week with the mission leader of the ward, we were walking down the street and ran into like an army of kids playing in the street which was super cool , becuase we were able to talk with them and help them a little with english so that was fun, it reminded me of playing night games in Florida with all the other kids on the ranch.

Viernes: We had a meeting with President, and he talked about the importance of the book of mormon, and also a new thing for easter called well in spanish , ¨Gracias a que √Čl Vive¨. Then later we were able to watch meet the mormons which was super cool! Idk if you guys were able to watch it but it is super neat!

Sabado: Lots of our lessons were cancelled , however while contacting we found a brother and sister who came up to us and asked if we were mormons , so we said yes, do you know us ? they said that they had a Mom and a sister who are mormon so we went and visted with them and the mom was thrilled to see us, becuase I guess they haven't been back to church in years, and haven't had the missonaries over either so that was super cool! 

Domingo ; well im pretty sure my comp is always running late , he takes more time than me to get ready I know what youare thinking dad is that even possible) but yeah it is , we were llike 20 mins late , but I was praying super hard in my heart that the sacrament hadn't happened yet, and luckily it hadn't because they had a lot ofannouncements  , but defenitely a tender mercy! Also we have been working a lot more with members this week so that is good ! 

lunes : super good today played some soccer, and ate pizza ! perfecto!

I hope all is well back home , you guys are always in my prays , I love you all
so much , also brothers , be good for mom , because she deserves it ! 

                  Elder Strong :)

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