Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week 16

This is how week 16 was
Lunes: I was able to give a priesthood blessing, it was a little difficult figuring out what to say in Spanish, and then translating my thoughts into spanish, the spirit was super strong so that was awesome. 

Martes: we had a district meeting on the attributes of Christ which was super cool. Then we pretty much walked all day because our appointments fell through. Then we went to the church so my companion could interview two investigators that the sisters are teaching. After that we had salchicpapa which is super good. 

Jueves: laundry, then after lunch we took a long bus ride to Bogota. When we arrived in Bogota we went to Titan Plaza which is a big mall and found a Papa John's pizza. That was the best. 

Viernes: we got ready, then took a taxi to the chapel in Bogota to have a meeting with Elder Godoy from the 70. On the way to the chapel we were rear ended by a truck. Nothing happened it was just a fender bender, but the drivers got out and started yelling at each other. Good thing they told us to leave early for the meeting. The conference was really good he talked about his conversion story and a lot about marriage for some reason. Which made my comp even more trunky. He goes home March 7. 

Sabado: we gave a few priesthood blessings. One was to a little baby in the hospital, and then the other was to a grandpa of one of the members. I really enjoy being able to give priesthood blessings, and knowing that I am worthy to use that precious power, to bless the lives of others. 

Well that has pretty much been my week . Jonathan still is struggling. He didn't  make it to church again, but we are going over to visit him soon, most of our investigators are not progressing for one reason or another. We are not giving in to  discouragement. 

I am glad to hear everything back home is going well. Have a great week, and share the gospel! 
Love you guys! 
Love  Elder Strong

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