Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 15

Wow it sounds like you guys had another busy week. I am really excited to hear that Jacob was able to get his eagle project finished. That is awesome!  Good luck with all the paper work! That takes a long time to finish. I hope that you are able to enjoy scouts because the youth down here in Colombia don't have a lot of these programs. 

That is awesome that Jared and Joshua both reached their AR goals, and that you took them out to lunch. I wish you could send me some in and out food! 

Way to go kayden, I am glad that you were able to go to your primary class this week. Keep up the great job because I know that you will be a great missionary one day! 

Valentine's Day! Glad to hear that you got the traditional heart shaped pizza for dinner. 

I can't believe that Jason ran into Trevor Skousen down in Chile. That is way cool! 

Alright so this week has been mas o menos, no mucho excito este semana at least with numeros 

Martes- not much happened we did have a lesson with Aldino about the Sabath day, so that was good. We invited him to church but he wasn't sure about it. He has a lot of faith so we will see if he makes it. We also had a lesson with the Camargo family, who is a recent convert. We talked with them about tithing. 

Mericoles- We went to  Duitama for a zone conference it was good. We had pancakes, fruit, hot chocolate and pan for breakfast. It was super good! After zone conference we went on exchanges. I came back to Sogamoso with Elder Castrejon from Peru. We didn't have a very good day. No one was home, we didn't have a single lesson. We did get 2 references and were able to set up lessons for the upcoming days. I felt bad because all our appointments fell through and I was with a zone leader. 

Viernes-Friday the 13.....yeah ....,,,
This was probably our best day. We were able to have a lesson with Elizabeth about the plan of salvation, it went well. When we left we forgot our phone there and didn't realize it until we needed to make a phone call later that night. We did get it back so that is good! We also had a lesson with Jonathan about the law of chastity which went well. Then afterwards we were able to give him a blessing because he is really struggling right now. Then we had Noche de Hogar as a Barrio which was super cool and it went well, too bad none of our investigators were able to make it. 

Sabado- Valentine's Day as a missionary! We had a good day! Elder Tipton and I shared a message about love with the leaders in the area and the assistants to the presidents we talked about the greatest love of Christ it was really cool because it was Valentine's Day. After that we did a lot of walking because our lessons fell through. 

Domingo- Salvador and Jenni came(less actives) to church. Then for lunch we had super good pollo, championes, papas, Fritas, and arroz. Then we had a lesson with the Tejedor family who is less active. We talked to them about the sabbath day . Jonathan wasn't able to make it to church this week so we will have to push his baptismal date back. 

Well I hope all is going well in Chico! I love you guys so much, you guys are the best. I couldn't have asked for a better family. I am glad that you finally got my letter 2 1/2 months later. 
Love Elder Strong

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