Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 20

Wow sounds like an exciting week ! Hiking rappelling and ziplineing, super cool! And to top it off you get to go to Logans Homecoming !

Alright so this week was pretty good, Lots of working and everything else , but overall it was a good week! :)

Mer- We had a zone conference in Buca. that means traveling on crowded buses again yeah ! But the meeting was good it was about findning more people to teach. Also I received my package after the meeting finally, and super great letters from the priest ! :)Also we had a noche de barrio , that didnt go so well there was only like 20 people maximo that showed up.

J- en la manana we went to Buca. because my comp had to interview one of the other missionaries for a baptismal interview. Also it rained a lot this day , like a lot! Then later in the tarde we had a lesson with Ivan , about the sacerdocio and it went super well, he has lots of desires to help his family come back to church and everything , he is so awesome he even assisted us to our next lesson with a menos activo family and bore a super strong testimony about God answering prayers .

V- We had fish for lunch and I got one fish bone stuck between my teeth that hurt like crazy but luckily I got it out pretty fast.Also we had a really great lesson with Claudia and her daughter about the restoration, then a lesson with Family Mendez about fe, and yep more rain , what is nice is that it isn't as hot when it rains however I don't think my clothes will ever get dry. 

S- really good lesson with Alex a new investigator, then we didn't have an appointment for lunch so we cooked ourselves. I made mac and cheese and guess what..... It came out good, not like when Baily and I made it that one day jaja. We also had a really good lesson with another  new investigator Lora and her Duaghter tatiana, but it was kind of awkward because I left like a ton of stuff at their house , so we had to return and get it, but other than that it was good! 

D- so I had to give a talk today, and didn't even know about it until Saturday night, this is pushing it normally in english but in spanish !!!!! It was on the attributes of Christ , I just hope evryone could understand me- 

l- so today we finally got to play soccer,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes ! soccer is the best!

So this what life has been like here in Colombia , I hope all is going well and everyione is safe and having a good time ,I love you guys! You guys are awesome! :)

 Love Elder Strong

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