Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 19

Alright so first my Companion: Elder Henriquez , and he is from Chile. He actually knows English really well so that is helpful at times , but I have committed myself to use as much spanish as possible. Im serving in the Pideacuesta area which is out side of the big town. No pictures yet but I bought a camera today, so hopefully soon ! Anyways it is way beautiful here in this area , only it is flippin hot!  Super Humid as well! I cant sleep with a sheet or anything. Our house is pretty old and dirty like it is kind of gross at times, and lots of ants! but other than that it is good , pretty big for the 2 of us. 

Anyways here is what happened this week. 

Martes: Unpacked , had lunch at a members house with an amazing view because it was on top of a mountain too bad I just now got a camera . Also we had an erthquake so that was cool 1st day in the area, we were in a store and then all the sudden things started to shake. My comp and I just kind of stood there but I guess lots of people in Colombia arent used to earthquakes so many were like panicking, but it wasnt to huge and there wasnt really any damage or injuries so that is good. Also when we got back we found a cockroach in the houes that was gross! 

Meircoles: Disrtict meeting, yep My comp is the District leader again! Super Crowed buses here like crazy no personal space what so ever , So much for keeping an arms distance away from missionaries . It also rained super hard this day we were soaked head to toe, like we took a shower with our clothes on. 

Jueves did some much needed luandry , hey we have a washer now ! ; also met with some new investigators and had a lesson with Bishop , with Erika and her husband our new investigdors. Then we asked them how they could know if the things we taught were true , and the husband replied that we have to pray so we invited them to read the BOM and pray about it and they accepted so we have a cita with them tonight so vamos a ver.

Viernes so this week we have been working with Ivan a menos activo to rescue him this week . He is super cool , and wants his family to be together for ever , so that is amazing , and the lessons are going super well with him. 

sabado: well I climbed in the shower only to find a surprise waiting for me a giant moth , super huge like as  big as both my hands spread out , and I have pretty big hands I almost died form shock, but on a bright note it woke me up for the day. Also we had lasagna for luch that was super good almost good as Dads but not quite. 

Domingo almost late for church, but we made it . Church here is at 8amSmall ward like half the size of my last one , but is it is good we have another set of elders in this ward as well. The bishop is super cool here he is awesome , and so is the ward mission leader thay are both super great guys ! 

Hoy: we went on a hike to waterfalls , sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful , it was amazing , sadly I bought my camera afterwards :( 

Well things I'm grateful for , washer , new camera, this experince to serve others, the BOM 
Smile ; the water falls , and everybdoy panicking about a small earthquake. 
 haven't received a package yet hopefully soon though ! 
Go Vikes! 
Love you guys it is great to hear from you and see that you are doing well !
I hope you have a great time on spring break and your truip !! be safe!

                                           Elder Strong ! :)

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