Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 30 I am staying in my same area

That is a cool story of Brett , I hope he is doing well back at home! Yes I definitely have been doing a lot of praying in the mission more than I thought was possible jaja.The San Franisco trip sounds like a blast we will have to go when the 49ers are playing jaja !

Anyways so this week in Colombia: 

Martes:We had a lesson with G* and C* about the plan of savlation which went really good and we also read the baptismal interview questions with them too, I'm more than positive they are ready for baptism but , G* still says she is not quite ready. Then we went to visit a member and they were selling empanadas to go to the temple, so they gave us some they were really good! Then we had a llesson with O* which went well with the accompany of J*, but kind of awkward because when I was bearing my testimony about Joseph Smith, he had to leave(Satanas) . Then we had a reunion San Gil where we ate pizza with the other missionaries.

Miercoles: We had a lesson with D* y M* nuevos, it went alright , they had a ton of questions and we didn't have time to teach , but they asked for a book of Mormon so we gave them one, so we will see. 

Jueves: not much success , we did have a really good meeting with our new mission leader , a return missionary from Bolivia  Santa Cruz, so hopefully we will have more success! 

Viernes: Reunion de districto are last one before cambios, then we had a lesson with one menos activa about the histori de Alama the younger , and how even though he was doing bad things his father still did what was right and prayed for him and his well being. 

Sabado: we cleaned the house super well, still needs a lot of work but is a lot better than before I don't think the missionaries have tried to clean it for a year !!! Then it down poured with rain in the afternoon the streets were basically rivers, and we were soaked head to toe, and my rain jacket didnt help at all or water proof shoes jaja. :P 

Domigo: we had a really good lesson with family M* then with family B* about the word of widom which went well , and they also had like a billion cucarachas every were , but that is pretty normal here , but the dog was killing them all so that was cool!

Hoy Cambios !! So Im staying here , and my Comp is leaving to Burcana to be the Lider de Zona for his last two cambios. I am getting a new comp who is de Argentina , what I have heard about him is not the best but , I am refusing to judge until I meet him. so today we played soccer with a small ball in the house with the other elders because one of them is leaving to Bogata , so we just chilled with them for our last day together! 

I love you guys so much ! Have a great week thanks for all the support and council , I couldn't ask for a better family! Hey what is Seth's email or tell him to send me a short email so i have it . thanks ! 
Love, Elder Strong

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