Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 31

Wow that is super cool ! more than 100% seminary attendance that is legit now you just need to know the scripture mastery in Spanish jaja! Y Jacob that is super cool man, old testment has some pretty cool stories in it! Keep it up the scriptures reading it will help you in more ways in your life than you know!!Jared is growing up moving on , and hopfully he can make the basketball team because that would be super legit! Mom sounds like you will have another busy year , like the first year when we were in Chico, have fun :) Yeah the temples are so awesome defentiely a huge sense of peace , hope! Washington how fun , hopefully Kayden will be good ! I* N* is a member  he is super awesome , like the coolest Colombian I know ! Yeah the sun here is so strong , and bright it is kind of ridiclous sometimes. I think the package might come this week hopefully! 
Y tell Kayden to continue to obey his mom jaja :) 

Anyways this week in Colombia 

Martes: My new Companion is Elder Carballo he is from Argentina, for the most part I get a long with him, The only problem once again is he likes to sleep in too! I think I need to learn patience or somehting in the mission, also it has been kind of stressful taking the lead of the area, because right now he doesn't know anything about the area , so having to juggle all these things is a bit stressful but , so far not overwhemling. Anyways my comp has 5 siblings also he is the second. He likes to play guitar, and he also teaches really well. 

Miercoles: reunion de Districto was good , we talked about finding persons to teach by asking for references and all that so that was cool, one of my weaknesses for sure.Also we had a lesson with E* and N*, about the Libro de Mormon they agreeded to read it. Also with Familia A* we talked about the Evangelio de cristo and used an example of stairs that as we are climbing them it is hard but vale la pena , because the view is so much better! 

Jueves: Weekly planning, then we had a lesson with A* N* and his friend with J* basically all soccer fanatics so that is cool! and now we have a lesson with them tomorrow! Also we had a lesson with N* ( menos activa) we read mosiah 24 where it talks about how God will help us with our trial but not take our trials away from us at first, because we need trials to learn and grow. 

Viernes: lots of walking but we did have a good lesson with C*.

Sabado, lesson with J* then for a few minutes my Comp and him played a little Guitar, then we went an had a lesson wiht E* and J* and they also came to church the first he has made it so that was awesome!! Also we had a lesson with E* and we were reading the book of mormon when his sister and in the other room she started screaming , I thought she found a dead body or somehting , but no , she was screaming becuase Colombia scored a goal ! jaja 

Domingo : church was good, then after church  we had plan to visit menos activos but veryone we went to wasn't home :p , but it was good because one of the youth came with and we were able to talk about the mission with him, and he also tried teaching me a little portugese but I don't  remember a thing.  go figure. 

Hoy : we played soccer because it is tradation when it is festivo to play soccer with all the members! So that was awesome , then I came back to the house and slept for an hour! 

I hope you guys have an awesome week !
enjoy your first week of freedom from school jaja! You guys rock and I love you so much ! Thanks for all the prayers and Support! 

con mucho amor,
Elder Strong

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