Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 32

Sounds like an exciting week ahead! Awesomes photos both of the temple and the beach. I'm glad you guys made it safely to Washington with out anything going wrong. Temples are super cool, that was nice to stop and see the Portland temple on the way up to Washington. That is awesome that Jared was able to go for the first time super Legit. We are doing alright I guess, he still sleeps in a little, and I exercise, and idk if I could make breakfast for 2 people, when I can barely make it for myself jaja. That's funny that Kayden wanted Pickles  interesting, I haven't seen pickles here actually now that I think about it. 

So this week in Colombia went something like this....

Martes: We had lunch with family D*( part member family) it was good we also met his brother who went on a mission to LA so that was cool and now he is a english teacher. Also we were able to talk to I* N* and  his friend ,he seemed to be interested in the church , but he lives in the Campo where there aren't missionaries, super tenas! ; but maybe one day. Then we had a lesson with E* which went well, we read about weaknesses in Ether 12.

Miercoles: We had a Zone meeting, which was good, also got my package!!!! That was super awesome ! Muchísimas gracias!! Also a letter from grandma Strong so that was cool as well! Then we had a lesson with A* N* about the plan de Salvación it was good then he gave us pespi and we talked about Futbol for a little bit. Then we saw E* in the street, so we stopped and talked to her, she told us how much she thinks the church is good for her, and how she wants that for her family. Oh we also recieved a smoke detector for our house , but the warnings are in english which is good for me, but I thought it was kind of funny. 

Jueves: We had a lesson with a new investigator, and at the end of the lesson he asked how much does a Libro de Mormón cost. So we told him only a little of your time, so read it ! :) Also it was a mircale to find him because we were lost and as we were about to give up and move on, he was screamming for us from the top of his apartment, luckily God knew we were lost and could use help. 

Viernes: Intercambios with Elder Pincay, was good , but we only had one lesson ,with a less active member who never comes to church, but this sunday she was able to make it with one of her daughters so that was super great!!Then we spent the night with the other Elders and ate pizza. 

Sabado: We had a good lesson with Familia B* , about baptism , however they aren't married because he doesn't want to get married civilly, so we are working with that. 

Doming: The familia B* came to church, also E*,! IN sacrament they talked about Dia de reposo , with a super big partido de Futbol, later in the day, that was kind of funny I think a few members were kind of Sad about it jaja. 

Hoy: We played Fútbol with members , which was super fun !!

Thank you guys so much , I pray for you guys, love you all, and all that you have done for me, couldn't ask for a better family !

Elder Strong

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