Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 80

Okay i dont know if it was the best week, but it was a pretty great one, and alot better than it has been here in Bogotá.
So I dont really remember day for day so I will just talk about some of the highlights of the week! 
1. Well i know you guys know my personality and all that and how Im not much of a talker, well my comp is amazing and has helped me a ton. I used not to like to contact that much, but I did it. But with my new comp it has been great. And we are contacting all the time and have found some amazing people. One of them was at the very end of the night we were walking down an Ally and ran into a Mom with  her kids turns out she is the only member of the family, and so we will see how that goes. And there has been many of those contacts , and a lot of other not so great, but we can only invite :) 

2. We have an Investigator, who loves doing service for the community. Thursday we went and helped with his project to make walls out of plastic bottles for a small park it was super cool. And now we are working with the ward to collect more bottles for him. So that is pretty cool. However we are still having trouble getting him to go to church because he is super catholic but who knows maybe one day!:)

3. We went to have a lesson with Angela an investigator, and she told us we could go to where she works and have a lesson there. However she wasnt there, but one of her Co workers was. We talked with her and found out she is invetigating the church too, but with other missonaries, so that cool. We were able to set up a new appointment,and talk with the 2 of them, The lesson was amazing she is super excited and excpeted the baptismal invitation!!!! It has been a while since someone  has said yes! 

4. We had stake conference this week. It was super good! they talked a lot about families and also the stake president gave a super great talk on mssionary work, because that has been something the stake has been struggling with! But is was a great talk, now we need to get the ball rolling!!!

Anyways that was basically my great week, oh and on top of it all I had a Dr. Pepper today:) 

I love you all,
Elder Fuerte:)

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