Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Week 76

That is awesome Kman congratulations broham, know just 10 more years and you will be ready to go on a mission so crazy but so awesome bro! And Im super glad to read that everything is going good back home , it is weird that we will be talking with each other in 2 weeks , I feel like we just talked , and even more so it will be my last call home , so crazy! Where does time go? Anyways you are going to come up with some good questions to ask , or think of some right now so you are prepared , and you should give me some advise , like about collge and all that good stuff :)

 Anyways this week in Colombia: 
Martes: We went to look at an apartment because right now it kind of stinks living 4 with one bathroom!But I guess it could be worse, so i wont complain. Later we did some contacting but no one really wanted to listen to us but thats all good. 

Miercoles: It was Elder Lopez Birthday, yeah i know 4-20 jaja, and yea we made brownies ;) We had the zone conference which went alright, then I went with E Tipton on intercambios and we took Da_ to the temple then to seminaries , so that was super legit!! Later we had a lesson with the Family Ca_  , which went well . But we are still having problems getting all the people we teach to church:(.

Jueves: We had lunch with some of the investigators form the other elders , and well is is super coll because they have a cross fit thing in their garage ! So I think next monday we are going to go do crossfit!!Later we had super good conact in the street and we have a lesson set up for this week so we will see how that goes! 
Viernes we had a lesson with one of our investigators but halfway throught the lesson he just got and said well i need to go and left jaja

Sabado : all our lessons fell through so we had to walk a lot !

Domingo: Well on the way to church it rained on us so that was cold the whole day , and well I cuaght a cold , then we had lunch with the bishop and had cake because it was his bday that was super cool!Then we had an FHE where we shared the video of Lots with and how we shouldnt look back and live in the past, but look forward with hope in the future so that was legit  too!

Scripture for the week  
JACOB 6:12 ´Oh be wise , What can i say more?¨

wel love you all I hope you have an amazing week ! :)

Elder Fuerte

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