Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 70

Thanks mom it is great to read about what is going on every week! And yeah Ill have that email for Kayman next week. That is crazy that he is almost 8 years, wow where does time go, soon he be leaving for the mission!! 

Esta semana en Colombia.....
Martes: We did a lot of walking , then we ran into a bugerking and well they have ice cream cones for 1mil pesos , entonces hay que aprovechar , no? Also this was Dia de la mujer here in Colombia , so Feliz Dia Mamá !!! 
Miercoles: We had our zone meeting , it went alright , we talked about how we need to be agents and objects so that was pretty cool . Then after lunch we were super far away from our house with out jackets and just it began to rain , que suerte no? Good thing i like the rain! :) 

Jueves: We had a multi zone meeting with President , it wa s almost identical to the zone meeting , but the second part he talked a lot about obedience which was super cool !!! Anyways after , it started to down pour , and there was a huge thunderstorm , that lasted like 2 hours , and lighting even hit the chapel , so that was pretty cool (good thing Josh wasnt there lol) .,

Viernes: We had a lesson with investigator that we found only to find out he is moving too, now that make 3 of them that have moved in the past two weeks, so back to ground zero again! So then it was raining agian super hard , so my comp and I decided to clean the area book , because it was a mess but now it is way more organized! 

Sabado : we had to be witnesses at the other Elders baptism because only three members showed up for the baptism so that was really sad with a pretty good sized ward!, and then we had to go to Nogal because my comp had to interview 2 people. and well while we where there the reilf society was having a gathering and thay gave us brownies , but like from the states , because one of them is Gringa who made them so that was super good!

Domingo: We had a few good lessons with a couple members of the ward, about the work of slavation , it went super well , and they are commited to work  with us to invite one family or friend to church! so hopefully that will go well! Oh speaking of missionary work and sharing the gospel , how are you guys doing on that ? 

Well love you all so much have a great spring break!!!!
Elder Fuerte:) 

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