Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 69

Im really sorry to hear that everyone is getting sick , but hopefully you guys will start to feel better. That is awesome that they are inviting their friends to church activities that is how it starts! Im glad that everyone had fun with basketball this year, that is always good, to enjoy it!.

Alright so this week in COL ...

Miercoles: We had intercambios , I was with elder Johnson from my group , and it went well. For lunch the Sister asked us what we would like so we said tacos , hamburgers, fries, icecream , and we had it! soo good! I was way full afterward. 
Then while we went to go visit someone, we ran into a man who had listened to the missionries but like 20 years ago , anyways he invited us to take a seat and talk for a while in his store, and people kept going in out , and we would talk with them , and we contacted like 15 people, so that was legit! Later we had a lesson with J_ an investigator, and we invited him to be baptized and he accepted! 

Jueves: not much happened , but we did get a sweet buy one get one free , at subway so that was awesome!

Viernes: We went to visit a less active , she was kind of crazzy but it went well for the most part . Then we went to visit another less active which was good , the only thing is , that it is so hard for people to come to church here idk why but it just is! Also we had buy one get one free at mcdonalds for a mcflurry so that was awesome becuase I love Ice Cream!!!

Sabado: Well in the morning one of the Elders made a Batman Ghost costume to scare us , and well he didnt quite get it ready in time to scare us but it was pretty cool! We also had a great lesson with A_  another less active and the same problem getting her to church ...

Domingo: It was so good to fast to get an extra boost of the spirit it is something I needed, also i listened to a talk on grattitude by Pres. uchtdorf which was super great. Then it rained , and plus we had ice cream for dessert at lunch . oh i also met a family with the last name Larson , but thay are form Arizona. 

Over all that is how my week went . So how is it going sharing the gospel are you haveing any cool missionary experiences I would love to hear about them!
Love you all , get well , have a good week, and share the Gospel!
Love elder Fuerte:)

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