Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 97

Thanks Mom for the email! I Glad that you had a great Cumpleaños!!! I wish I could've have been there to celebrate, but I hope you were able to feel my prayes for you at least. Do you want to know something kind of cool. This past Saturday, or your Bday is the Día de Amor y amistad. And well I just want you to know how much I love you Mom. I really dont know where I would be with out all your support! You have done so much for me, and my brothers and you deserve a lot more, than we give you! I dont think we could ever repay for all that you have done for us. I could go on an on about all the great things you have and do for us but the list would be endless! Im so happy to have such a great, amazing, and one of kind mom. Te amo Mamá !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the rain came down and the floods went up.
Okay well monday night after we wrote to you guys, it just start down pouring, with lighting, and out side the streets rose to about a foot and a half of water. It was crazy. Well we nocticed someone in the corner of street having trouble trying to get the Moto to higher ground because it was already surronded by water. Well I just told my companion to take my bags and went into the river and helped push the moto into the garage! Then we just decided to help people move the motos, and other by removing water that had entered the house. It was great to just go out and serve! Plus we found a great family who is interested in our message! :)

FHE with Maria
Well Tuesday we had a FHE with maria in her house with all her family! Her grandma , mom, sisters, even the dog, and we invited some members to come with us and it was the best! We shared a cool message about baptism and about her decsion to be baptized! And the family said they are willing to support her and everything, they even want to recieve the lessons too!! So that will be awesome! maria is going to be baptized this Saturday!!! Im so excited for her, to see the progress she has made in almost 4 months has been great to see! 

Morcilla :p ( dont eat it) 
Okay well early in the week I ate Morcilla and well basically it is a sussage but inside it is cooked blood and with rice, and the outer part, well I dont want to ruin your dinner, so Ill just tell you when I get back jaja. Maybe Ill bring some home so you guys can try it:) How would that sound? Anyways I got pretty intoxicated, and I was sick for about 3 days. I didnt even leave the house friday. But now I'm a lot better and I learned my lesson the hard way. :P

Domingo de Divisiones 
 Well every Sunday we go to San martin and we split up with the members and it has been awesome because we can cover so much ground! And we had some really great lessons, and where able to find some more part member families which is always the best in the mission! 

Well today we were finally able to play Micro again. I haven't been able to play because in my district there are only sister missionaries and the 2 of us and   they dont like to play micro a lot. but they went shopping today, and so we went and played with some other missionries and members from a different ward. It was a ton of fun!!!

Well I hope you guys have an amazing week! And mom im so jealous you got to not only meet Brad Wilcox but have a picture with him too! i love his talks! Anyways love you guys!
Elder Strong

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