Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 95

Wow sounds like a very busy week, round two this week right? Jaja 

Okay well this week went a lot better. There where some up and downs but altogther it went by pretty well and really fast! Too fast! 
Tuesday we had a good lesson with S_ and D_  thay are twin brothers who are starting to come back to church litlle by litlle. S_ actually came with us to church this past sunday so that was super legit plus he made friends with a lot of the youth which is the best! Later we had a lesson with the M_ family they are cool, but they have a few issuses with other members in the church so we are working on that. But they are really nice.
Miercoles was a really  good day. We Are starting to work in a small pueblo close by and there is a lot of work there! Lots of less actives and lots of Investigators so that is legit! We are starting to see alot more progress in the ward. And there are a few members there who are willing to help us, which is always better!
Jueves colombia was playing soccer, so basically we had no lessons and then in the night we had ward council which isnt that great when only a few members actually come to it. Sometimes it is a joke to even go. but I think they are going to change it to Sunday to see if more people can be there. 
   Viernes: Well we had a good day we did a lot of contacting just asking and looking for service projects which helped us a lot, to find a few more people to teach. We even had some of our investigators  introduce us to people that might be interested so that was legit! 
    Sabado: Well it was a long day walking all day in the heat, with no lesson.
  Domingo: went by super well, we had lunch in San Martin and then we had a lesson with one the Sister´s friends. then we contacted a ton of people who were having a party outside, because as we got close they were all like here comes the Mormons, and so I just had a huge smile on my face , and they called us over to talk to them , and we were able to set up another appointment to pass by. Also we had divisions which went well , we got a lot of work done in a short amount of time so that was great! 

and today we went bowling . I almost won but tied with another missionary we both got 124 . 

Anyways I hope you all have a good week with Football , fútbol, shcool, and verything else,
love you all,
Elder Strong

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