Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 93

Wow sounds like everyones been pretty busy! 

Well this week in Cúcuta! 

Martes: We walked a lot, and contacted a lot which good. Then we had a lesson with a less active family that we are trying to rescue they are super awesome. We talked about doing the samll things so that God can do bigger things in our lives!
Also they gave ys a ton of coca cola so that was legit!

Mericoles: We went to San Martin where we climbed the hill to visit another less active family. It was good but I don't know for some reason this ward has a lot of feelings against each other or in other words there are many problems between the members! Which makes it really hard to work with. But my companion and I are trying our best and making the most with what we got. 

Jueves: We had lunch with a lday who has a son in the mission. She is really catholic but she was excited to meet us and has a lot of questions for us. So we are going to see if we can help her. Then we had a lesson with an  investigator who doesnt want to fullfil the things we tell him it is always have you read the book of Mormon and the answer is always no :( So we had a heart to heart lesson with him and told him that it is the only way to find out is for himself. Sometimes it is just to easy that people take it for granted. 
we also got a water filter, so no we dont have to buy giant bags of water. 

Viernes: We went and had a lesson with a less active youngman who was baptized not to long ago, but doesn't have a lot of support from his family because he is the only member so it is hard for him, but hopefullly he will come back to church. 

Sabado: We had servicio it was cool we had to do alot of work but it was cool and it is always good to do something different. Then in the night we had a lesson with Kevin and his Family. It was good. Also we were able to talk with his step dad , and well he is intersted. So now we have 3 more in the family who are preparing to be baptized , hopefully they can get married and get baptized as soon as possible! 

Domingo: we talked a lot about marriage in church lets just say TRUNKY! jaja no jk. Later we went to San Martin and had a good lesson with the Arenas Family. The mom is member and her kids are less active. So we are working with them because the MOm has the goal to be sealed as a famly which is great.

Hoy: the sister missionries made lunch for us from their counries and it was the first time i had cerviche and it was pretty good. 

Anyways that was pretty much our week! And this week is going to be 10x better!!! Have an amazing week love you guys!

Elder Fuerte

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