Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Week 92

Thank you Mom !,
It is great to here about your week! Have fun with school again:)

Okay well this week was full of adventure!

Martes: We had a lesson with S y D_ they are really great youngmen! They want to change but they dont have a lot of support from their family to come back to church, but we will see. Also we had some other lesson.  Then we were supposed to have a lesson with Kevin, but a Truck came from Bogotá so we had to wait for it because it was bringing materials to our house. So we didnt have a lesson with Kevin!

Miercoles: We had our zome conference, and we talked a lot about patience which is exactly what I needed to hear that day because shortly after, Pailas!!! We didnt have any lessons! Lets just say we put to practice what we learned earlier in the day.

Jueves: We went to San Martin, and we had a lesson with the Family Duran.They are really great but they still havent come to church yet:( Anyways later we were looking for directions and well we saw a hill that we have never seen before, and we went exploring because it is part of our area, and we found some really great people to teach! Also we can see a big part of Venezuela from the hill so that is pretty legit. Its like a mile a way. 

Viernes: We had exchanges with the zone leaders. Which went pretty good. I felt the spirit really strong with Elder Johnson,and we had a good day. 

Sabado: We had a open house for the chapel in Motilones. it went super well we  contacted  and brought a ton of new people to get to know the chapel so that was cool. It was a big success! later went and had a lesson with C_ ( Kevins mom) I_ ( uncle) and the grandma it was super legit! And they promised to come sunday to church, plus they gave us hot dogs for dinner. 

Domingo: We had a good day in church kevin and his family came like they said they would so that was legit! Then Later we to San Martin which was great!

Hoy: We played micro with the young men for a while and then had a district actvity by the river where we had asado! But sadly we couldnt jump in the river with how hot it was ! 
but it was still fun! 
 i hope you all have a great week at school! Make this year count ! Good luck Jacob with your game! Exito!!!!
Elder Fuerte:)

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