Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 91

How is summer over already, that went by so fast!! That is way awesome that Jacob will be playing football! Im super excited to see him play in the fall/winter! 
And Im glad Josh and kayden are still playing soccer! Some one needs to keep the tradition going! :) 

Okay well my week in Cúcuta.... Lets just  say it was HHHHHHHOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT  !!!!!! 
Martes: We were still waiting for our compaions to arrive so we were working in my area. We had a few good lessons, but I think what made my day was we were walking to a lesson, and we saw a man sitting down on the sidewalk, And he had a huge smile on his face, and we walked pass him, but then I got a huge feeling to turn back. So I looked back and he was still smiling at us so we turned back to talk with him. He was really receptive to what we had to share with him. We were  able to set up another day to visit with him, or well in this case other missionaries because he lives in a different area, but it was super Legit! 

Miercoles: New Companion! Elder Hildebrandt .... Can you guess where he is from? .... you think the last name is american or from a different part, of the world but not a latin name. And well your right. my comp is from germany!!! Haha well his great grandpa, he is actually from Peru. He is a really cool guy. He is really humble, and super funny. Also he knows pretty good english so that is legit! Anyways we took sometime to get him settled in, after his long travel on the bus from Bogotá.

Jueves: We had a really good lesson with S_ and D_ , they are less actives young men, who want to come back to church. The only thing is they dont have a huge support system from the family!But we will see what we can do. 

Viernes: We had a super cool lesson in the morning with C_ it was great he told us of his desire to follow jesus Chirst and learn more about the church. So that was cool and the spirit was way strong! Then Later the sister missionaries called at the last minute to inform us that they had a baptismal interview. We had to run to the area in a small bus  that took up most of our day. But we were able to meet with A_ a reference from a member, so that was good! Now we are starting to find more people to teach! 

Sabado: We had our district meeting, and then afterwards our president had encouraged us to practice english to help the missionries learn so we sang  the Hoki Poki to help them learn the parts of the body so that was fun! later we had some good contacts in the street, and then we went to visit K_ and his family , and read the book of mormon with them!

Domingo: After church we went to San Martin, we had a few good lessons,  And we found a new family who are super awesome so we will see how it goes with them! 

Hoy: We went to Ventura plaza to go bowling, but the sister missionaries showed up late so we didnt have time, so we had an Ultimate air hockey battle instead, and My comp and I won!!! 

Anyways that was pretty much the adventures of our week. I hope you all have a great last week of summer vacation! ENJOY IT!!!
Elder Fuerte:)
ps dad has my scripture it is the same one he used , what are the odds!

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