Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 67


alright so this week,

Martes: well lets just say a day full of running 


Miercoles: We had our zone meeting ,thank heavens I'm done with that , it was great to be listening to them instead of giving the capacitaion. But there are times when I actually miss being a zone leader , but I know I am here , because God wants me here! Anyways as we were contacting this day we ran into some who was trying to talk to people about this bienestar program , so we stopped , and talked to him to see if he might be interested , in our message , so after talking with him for a while he tried selling something in cup that looked like water , but then we talked about the word of wisdom with them , and it was cool , but I think they only listened to us because they thought we were interseted in their product.


Jueves: We had lunch with some members and the daughter , makes cupcakes , so I shared an example about how the Gospel is like a cupcake it is so good , and how we are all happy when we recieve a cupcake, and how we need to share a cupcake to help others taste the goodness! Then we had a meeting with WML (ward mission leader) which went really well , he is really great and has really good desires to work hard in the missionary work , so hopefully we can get the ball roling but it would be so much easier if we had all the members helping us with this work!


Sabado: We went to the top of the mountian to do a service project , it was really awesome, and we moved a lot of bricks , but it was super good, doing something new for a change, so if you guys ever need service please call the missionaries Im sure they would be more than willing to help! Oh then while we were contacting we ran into someone from salt lake , and well he lived here for 7 years working here , and he asked me what I wanted to study , I told him sports science , and he was like well if you want you can come back and work here in our sports programs here , I told him that I was only a missionry while here , but he seemed pretty nice , because he has heard the Elders before , so he was like you guys are really dedicated , and that is whoo I need , so that was kind of cool jaja. 


Domingo : well the family we had lunch with , they made us cupckaes , because they said it was a very inspiring example jaja , super cool! Then we went to the mountian to look for a reference but didnt even find it!


Lunes : we had go to immigration to tell them that we moved , and I ran into Elder Carson , and looks like thay are going to have 2 Baptisms this week ; even though I wont be there it was great to hear about my Old Investigators in Chia :) 


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