Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Week 65 transferred to Bogota

Well we had transfers today, and I'm leaving to Bogota which isn't too far from here , no more zone leader , for now , and Im going to open an area , but it was good being with Elder Carson for  2 weeks probably my favorite two weeks in the entire mission , but it was way short . Well I think I might be able to write later today , so just keep posted. Also dad do you know anyone with the last name huff from Idaho ? Also Elder Carson nows some Ricks too!

Wow that sounds like a pretty busy week! Yeah it is kind of sad when people dont want to hear the message you want to share or want your help , but thats how it is sometimes everyone , has their agency:) And lots of Ballers in the family , I think we are going to have to play an epic game when we all get back . and kayden will destroy us all jaja:) That is really cool that the activity went really well , and it was really sprirtaul! 

Okay so this week went super great ! 

Well I left my paper that I wrote everything down on so I dont remember anything in order but I will tell of some of the highlights of my week...

So Tuesday , we went to lunch , with a family from the ward , and with out us asking she invited two of her neighbors, so they came over and ate lunch with us the whole time we were talking with them they had lots of questions about the church, and missionaries and all that. Later after lunch we shared a message with them , it was so great , and the sister bore her testimony about how she became a memeber , it was so amazing probabaly one of the best experiences i have experienced on my mission , so spiritual ! Then they asked us, ¨ when can we give you guys lunch¨ super awesome !!! 
Now they have a FHE planned this week , I hope they will get baptized ! 

Another Neat experince , almost the same thing , the memeber invited us over and he invited a friend , so we ended up talking about the gospel , but at first he really wasnt too interested but as we talked with him and also one of the members cousins who was there who isn't  a member either , they became interested , and now ECasrson has a lesson with them this week! This is how the missionary work should be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later Sunday we had a great meeting the third hour of Church, basically we talked all about missionary work , and now every family is committed to have at least one convert by the end of the year! That was so awesome! Elder Carsoon and I shared simple Ideas that the members can do to share the Gospel, so this is for you guys back home ! Get READY! 

1.) Invite them to Dinner, with the Missionaries
2.) Intivite them to an activity and introduce them to the missionaries
3.) Invite them to an FHE with the missionaries
4.) Always use mormon words :) and invite them to learn more

Anyways Well now I'm in alambra , in Bogota , my companion .is elder Carrion from Peru. he is pretty great. Right now we are openning an area, and we are living with the zone leaders here, ELDER TIPTON , we just cant get away from each other jaja:) Anyways that was pretty mcuh the highlights of the week , but the week was awesome ,, Im going to miss working with Elder Carson so much , but the Lord knows best ! :) 

I love you have a great week , and share the gospel , use these ideas from above , they work because Ive seen them work!!
con much amor ,
Elder Fuerte:)

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