Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 64, back to work, lots of miracles

Wow I guess I should get used to hearing about basketball every week jaja:) How pv soccer doing ? Is it almost playoffs ? That is awesome that you have that experince of going and seeing less actives Mom because , even our smallest efforts make a lot of difference even though it may not seem like it. So Im not the only one who dosent like it jaja :) But maybe ill give it a try when i get back , well maybe we will see:) 

One crazy week filled with Adventure , and Mircales :).....

Martes: We read a letter that president sent to us a missionaries, it basically told us , how we committed and made a promise with the lord to serve him for 2 years and not less than that. Because I guess a lot of missionaries  are asking President if they can go home a month early to go to school, or other things in their lives, which is kind of sad that they dont want to take advantage of the 2 short years they have to serve100% in this work! So we talked about the story of Peter as a fisher men, and how he left his nets to serve Jesus , and how it was forever , not just while he was alive , the question Jesus stated, Peter do you love me more than these? So that was cool I learned a lot from it !:) Well we didnt have a lot of luck with lessons so we contacted a lot which didnt go to well either , then my comp told me , we are going to contact someone who is going to get baptized right now! Then he asked me which way should we go, so i looked to left then toward the right , and I went with What i felt toward the right, after 20 steps we ran into someone who had lived in the states and had listened to the missionaries and he wants us to come by!!! God does work Mircales!!!!

Miercoles : lots of contacting , and then we had a lesson with S_ and L_ we read the BoM which went well.

Jueves: Well it was really interseting , so we contacted a lot of people who knew a little english so now we are thinking of starting an english class so we will see. And then we went to another part out side of the town and while looking for lessactives, we found some who was moving so we helped her with her things , and after word she invited us to a soda , and we talked about the gospel with her, and now we have a lesson with her this week! It was like an Ammon experience :) 

Viernes: We went to Cajica a small town outside of Chia , and well on the way we almost fell out of the bus because the door was open and the bus driver doesnt know how to drive , but luckily we didnt fall out:) Then while looking for less actives in Cajica , we ran into two guys who seemed pretty scketchy . and they started to ask a lot of questions of who we are and what we do , and well after talking to them for a while , they also invited us to a soda, so after I was thinking great we are down , but we went , and talked , a little longer , and a as we were talking , a lady walked by but , and she has been   searching for their church , because she had just moved from Bolivia so that was a mircale , to find her , and set up a date with her to come vist her and her family , because her family aren't memebers. And then I forgot my wallet in the house and only had enough for one person back to Chia and my comp had spent all his money , except a few coins, and anyways, after a lesson we had I told him I didnt have enough money to get us home so he pulled out his wallet , and he had just enough for ,us  to get home . I have seen the hand of Lord in so may ways this week! 

Sabado Well we had a good day contacting , and a few good lessons, also my comp plays lacross and the sport isnt common is colombia at all , but we found two people who had lacross sticks and we were able to talk with them. so that was cool! 

Domingo: They talked a lot about the Sabbath Day so that was cool , because how you guys have been talking a lot about it too. it is really important I guess! 

Anyways that was my amazing week in Chia even though we ddint have a lot of lesson , we defintaley felt the spirit guide us this week!
I love you all so much , have an amazing week!
Elder Fuerte:)

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