Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Week 63, saying goodbye, back to work

Well that is good the talks are over with , just watch out it might have been so good that youl have to keep giving talks :) Wow sound like a lot of basketball! and wow Kay man the new Jimmer in the family you better tell seth to watch out because Kayden might , just take him out of his place jaja:) That is awesome that they have a lot of young men playing church ball! Are there alot of priest in the ward ? And wow Mom what did you do to your foot ? 

This week in the promised land ...
 same old in the house all day ; I watched the testament in like three different languages so i guess that was pretty cool! 

Miercoles: We had the conference that Seth talked a little about , it was super good and just what this mission could use and well every other mission too! So hopefully we can focus more on our puropse and get to work!:) Then we had intercambios with Zipa , which was so nice to get out of the house and have a real lesson after like 2 and half weeks in the house:) We had a great lesson with the Javier and his family there was like a total of 10 people ! But will see there are a lot of issues with marriage and things like that. 

Jueves. Well we got permison for my companion to go to Bogota to buy a few things here before he leaves , so we basically went shopping all day, and it was worse then going shopping with Mom jaja. We went every where looking for pants , but after like 100 stores nothing :P We did find a pretty sweet deal on suits that i think i might buy, it is like buy one get one free , and so it would be like 45 for each suit! So we will see. Oh then we had cow stomach in the soup at lunch and i dont know if you remember the last time I had cow stomach and I didn't do so well , well the same this time , throwing up UN BUEN !  So that wasnt too fun! 

Viernes, we went to drop my comp off at the offices he is officially at his house now, and then while i was there , there was a letter from Jessica and her family so that was super awesome to get their christmas card! 

Sabado : I got my new comp he is gringo too! How super crazy , but I might only be with him for a few weeks, so we will see. He is super awesome, and is from Idaho , so that is pretty cool , and he is a hard worker which is great!

Domingo: Went well , after church we had conatcted a bit which was great we had a few people who wanted or are willing to hear more. Then a few of the priest who are getting ready for their missions came with us , to visit people so that was awesome to see them prepare for their missions. Then we had a FHE about making choices which was super cool. And I remeber a quote form President Monson , that says" that are decisions we make , that determine our destiny. "so that is cool .

Lunes : today didnt do much , had lunch with a member , then cleaned the house. 

I hope you all can enjoy this upcoming week , make the most out of it! Make wise chioces! 
Love you guys,
Elder Fuerte:)
Scripture: Titus 2:11-12

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