Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 60

Wow sounds like you guys will be pretty busy with Basketball this time of the year, but that is great they all enjoy playing it , and I hope it goes well for Jacob as the Teachers Quorm president , I wish I knew how important it was to be in that psotion when I was there , but Im glad Jake will have the oppertunity to serve others! And FHE is a great idea to help bless everyone in the family!!! Also Family Council too!
Anyways well most the week we were in the house because well my comp ,keeps getting   sick on and off ...
Martes: In the house, and going out of my mind! 

Miercoles: We had our district meeting , then well for lunch the member was sick that we had lunch with so she bought us pizza super awesome! Then we had a lesson with the Family R_ which went super well about the BoM , Then with J_ about some videos that we showed them about parents an THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILIES.It went pretty well. Then we went to visit the family L_ , because he had some references for us , and his wife had made us some tomales from venazuela which were super good! Also I finshed Redaing the BoM so that was super legit to finsh right before the year ended!! I love this book and it is so important to me , and I know that it was wriitten for our time , and that we can come unto Christ as we read it and practice what it teaches! 

Jueves: We had fish for lunch which was way good con patecon . Then we had a super good lesson with E_ and the family O_ we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then about the law of Chasity which was interesting but way spiritual! 
Then we had to be in the house at 7pm so we went to bed early jaja :) ya I know jealous of our new years :) 

Viernes : no one was in the street! And well my comp got sick again , and so we went to the Doctors where he got a few pills and injections , but didnt really help. 

Sabado : well we went to Bogota because the Elders dont have a phone and well a man came to repair a few things , so we had to go and help with that , and then afterward well back to the house. (I feel like the Pirncess in Tangled locked in the house forever!!!) [when will my life begin ] jaja

Domingo , well are lunch canceled on us but I ended up cooking a super good lunch!! Yeah for all you who say I cant cook , well yeah I still cant cook but , Im improving jaja. Then we had a super good lesson with recent  convert, and then a FHE with Hno L who is like the best and with his family ! We talked about the importance of the role of parents which went super well. 

I hope all is going well back home , and hope you enjoy the candy , and hope all goes well as you start up school agian! 
I love you all so much , have a great week!! 

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