Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Week 62

   Okay well it sounds like you guys had a pretty good week, that is also excitng to see them enjoy basketball ! Even if their teams arent doing so hot. Visting and home teaching are the best callings there are and it is excellent way to serve and show charity towards Gods children! Who were the priest that participated in the book of Moromon read a thon ? Jaja poor jack lol. He is at BYUI right now right ? 

Okay well this week lets just say it was pretty slow , probably one of the slowest weeks in the mission...

Martes: Well I don't  even remember what i did all day, but all I know is that we were stuck in the house , I did end up writing quite a few letters , that I will probably send in a package soon. 

Miercoles : We had our Zone conference, and well my comp wasnt feeling to well , actually really weak, so well you got i had the privilege of giving the whole thing by myself , with only a few inputs from my comp  here and there. And on top of everything it is one of the biggest Zones in the mission. But it went rather well for my not so fluent spanish , but I had alot of help from God. And the missionaries had a lot to say which was good I figured out the Key is to ask good questions that lead to discussions :) Anyways during the conference we talked a lot about Teaching repentance and Baptism which was super great, one of my Favorite scriptures from it was in Alma 42: 1-10 it was super great. Also we talked about what does it really mean to love the people here , that was super great! Anyways afterward , well you know , back in the house. 

Jueves: We had interviews with the president , and well my interview was rather short, he just told me how greatful for he was for my patience. Well my comp came out crying , and so well ,he is going home for sure sometime soon , the exact day we still dont ,know and who my new comp i also dont know, but I will  trust in God, because he is the Gardener in our lives. After a long day supervising  the interviews and helping teach english to all the latin missionaries we , went back with president to the mission office. My comp was able to take the english test, and he did super great!Also we had Papa Johns pizza super amazing!! I ran into Elder Johnson from my group apparently he hurt his foot pretty bad , and doesnt know if he will have to go home , hopefully not. Oh also Elder Lindley  was in the office , and he was working on a baptism form , from someone that was baptized , it was from my old area. One of Erika´s brothers was baptized so cool !!! that like made my entire week!!! 

Viernes : we had permission to go to the templo it was good! Then I came home and was reading in the Liahaona , where it talks about the story of Joseph Smith loosing , the 1st 100 and something papers that he translated , and how he went through a really hard time . he lost a child , and Emma was really sick and almosted died at the time. He had the feeling that ¨all was lost¨ and that is how I have been feeling with the work here, but this talked really helped to rely on God and he will make me stronger. 

Sabado: so I came to realize I might be staying for another transfer , that would mean 25 % of my mission in one area which is a lot and well one scripture really helped , as I was trying to figure out what I would do with another transfer , and why.

16 And I consercate unto them this land, for a little season, until I , the Lord , Shall proovide for them otherwise, and command them to go hence,
17 And the hour and the day is not given unto them, wherefore let them act upon this land as for years, and this shall turn unto them for their good. 
DyC 51

Anyways that was pretty much my week , nothing too exciting but , I recieved a lot of help from above!:) 
I love you all so much have a Fantastic week!
Elder Fuerte:) 

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