Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 61I love the temple!!!

Wow that is super awesome to hear that Kayden is leaving for the mission soon! That is awesome that you had the experince to knock doors , it is actually real interesting because you never know who is behind , the door , sometimes they are super nice ,other times well not so much jaja. How is Jared so Old ? that is crazy that he is 13! I feel like he just barely turned 12.Well there is a Less active who cuts our hair for pretty cheap , to get a haircut here is super cheap like 2 dollars or less. How super lucky the priest are what more could they ask for ? They get to read the Book of Mormon in 24 hours and have amazing food, and fun activities as the accomplish this big goal. I wish we would have done that, when I was there. 

Martes: Leadership meeting , which was good , we talked a lot about working as a team, rather than against each other so that was super cool! Then had lunch, after lunch we went to the hospital , because my comp wasn't feeling good. We were there for a good 6 hours!!! While my comp had a lot of examens done , well I wrote my essays for college while I waited and, then read the Liahona , and wrote some letters too !! We didnt get out until 10 Pm ! so that was a late night!

Miercoles: We had a district meeting and then we talked about the importance of our lessons and the way we teach , oh and another sister is sick in our district , basically i dont know what happened to Chia , I just hope I don't become sick , luckily its not contagious!

Jueves: We had concilio with all the other zone leaders all day, and I was able to talk a while with Elder Tipton so that was awesome , and also it all came to me Elder Bartlome is the one who knows the  Meeks , so that was cool! He is super great. He is working in the office.
Also we had the chance to go to the temple afterwards which was amazing and super peaceful , after being a little stressed. But the spirit was so strong! I really wish i could stay in the Celestial room forever! 

Viernes : we were in the house all day

Sabado: we had a our meeting with the  ward mission leader and them well back to the house!

Domingo: church was awesome , there was a really great talk about the will of God , and the atonement , then also one of the youth gave his farewell talks he leaves tomorrow !!! Then we had lunch with the Family Larrota it was way cool, they are super awesome !
Then in the house:(

Lunes : we attempted to go to the temple again but we missied the session , so we waited for the others outside the temple , which was nice too. Then we went to a planetary  and learned about light which was cool! then icecream cones at McDonalds :) 

I hope all is going well back home , I love you all so much ! Have a great week , share the gospel through your exapmle be a light unto others! 

Super great Video to watch : The will of God , about the gardener , for FHE :)

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