Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 51

Thanks Mom for the email . Im so sorry for not writing the other Pday, but well here is your email.....

M- We had a district meeting, but I was super sick , becuase , after the last Pday, I threw up like the whole night it was awful!!!, anyways then we had intercambios, which I stayed in the area , but luckily E Reyes was a big help to me. He is pretty young in the mission but he knows his purpose , and has lots of desires to serve I just felt bad because I was really sick the whole day.

M- We had interviews with our mission presient which went well , then we had to mange the whole thing which wasn't to bad , because the missionaries did a good job on being on time and everything so that was good!Oh Also president  invited us to Subway so that was good. And then we were helping the other missionaries practice english while they were  waiting. I feel bad for the wife of our president because she doesn't know any spanish at all,. But with 3 years In Colombia I am sure she will learn a ton!

J- We had concilio , which is bacicalñly a big meeting with all the zone leaders, and president, which went well, we talked a lot about obedience, and working with the members. . Then we went back home and had a meeting to plan the activity that we will have in the church this coming firday for Halloween. My first one in the mission. 

V- We had intercambios once again , I stayed in the area again they went well , I am getting better with talking to people , but it stll is one of my weaknesses for sure! 

S- we had correlacion misional with our mission leader in the ward which went well,  then we went to Cajica a smalll town in our area but no one was home :( 

D- In church they had the primary program which was super great it was way awesome! , then we went with N_ who came with us on a bunch       lessons, we didnt have to many people come to church because yeasterday they were voting all day which was crazy , stinking politics, but we did find 2 new people to teach so that was good!

L- So today we had a zone activity we played a bunch of games ate pizza and played micro, couldn't ask for anything better, I wish they had micro in the US!!! 

Have a great week, love you guys! 
Love, Elder Fuerte

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