Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 49 I love to go to the temple!!!!

Thanks Mom for eberything you are truly the best ! It is great to hear about Kayden and Josh doing so well in soccer ! Someone needs to continue the Tradition!!!! Next PV soccer palyers!!! 

Anyways so another week in the land of the Lamanites...

Miercoles: we had a district meeting then we went with a young man from the ward to go visit members! It went really well we even found a new reference from a member but her husband is super carholic like most of colombia, but I think in Spain it might be worse , so I have heard haha, No but Seth will do good! 

Jueves: We did a lot of palnning hopefully it will help us become better and have more people to teach. Then Colombia had a game to qualify for the world cup so everyone was busy for three hours and we didnt have a lot to do . so lots of walking trying to find people to teach!!!

Viernes: We had our leadership meeting . which went well then we inertcambio so I satyed in Chia with elder Sanchez who is knew to the zone , but he is a great guy ! We had a few lessons in the afternoon but for some reason, at night know one was home which is weird because usually it is the other way around. Anyways lots of walking again. Oh then one of the Sister missioanries got super sick so we went to go give her a blessing and now she is a lot better. 

Sabado: We had lunch with this old couple who arent members but their daughter is , so we ended up talking with them and they love to cook , then they asked if I know how to cook , so I told them , I really only know how to cook no bake cookies , but they got really excited and  now they want us to come back and make cookies with them jaja! 
then we did lots of contacting and knocking doors , because almost all our lessons fell through! But it was cool because we found someone that is super interested, and her freind is a member and everything! So hopefully it will go well with her! 

Domingo: My comp gave a really good talk basically on how missioanry work is the work of the members and how the missionaries are just here to help, so that was really cool , and way true! Then in Principios del evangelio they talked all about eternal marriage , I don't know why but it seems like therer are so many talks about marriage and the family and everything , but it is cool , because a lot of our converts have the goal to go to the temple and get sealed by the end of the year. 

Hoy: So we had the opportunity to go to the Temple today !!!!!!!!! It was way sepecial , and it was great to go back after almost a year! I love the temple so much, it is such a good way to feel spiritually strenghted and filled with the spirit! It is amazing. Then we went out to eat Hamburgers with the District!

so the family of five , well they have a few problems well the father with his ex wife , so I dont know we have been out of touch with them , because he is working alot but hopefully we can start teaching them again , because they are great! Oh Tell Jared I said hi !!Really he is applying to byui right now ? I dont know if we can do that here, but Im not sure where I want to go either.

Anyways thanks for the package , oh about my package , I couldnt send it today becuase it is a holiday here , so it wasnt open, but I will send it as soon as possiblñe!
Love you guys so much , so thankful to have the chance to be with you all forever! :)
Love, Elder Fuerte!

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