Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week 46

Wow what a great week probably because it was your CUMPLEAÑOS !!!!! Happy Birthday Mom !!!! 
that is awesome to hear how everyone is doing well with everything , Yeah so i wrote a couple of letters , but I wont have time to send them this week , so you will have to send Seths to the MTC or Spain. But that is awesome to hear that she was able to be baptized I hope she is okay and everything. And thats good that Jacob is enjoying the dances, at least he is taking advantage and having fun during high school! jaja.

Anyways so this week not a whole lot happened.

Tuesday we had intercambios with other Elders and I went out of my area with another Gringo, so that was fun we could talk a little in english, sometimes it is hard too  talk in english , but I've be practicing both, but it is hard as leader de Zona to find time to study Spanish , but I need to try to make time!

Miercoles: We had our district meeting , which went well , then we came back to Chia and had some lessons , we went and visited the family with 5 boys they are doing super well the only problem is that she is pregnant, so she feels super sick all time she can barely get out of bed with out having the sensation to throw up. So they weren't able to make it this Sunday to church but they are doing good, and luckily the Dad was a memeber so he has been helping his family a lot!

Jueves: We did a lot of Planning , then later we weren't having a lot of success finding people to teach, so we went to an appointment that fell through, then we went and we had the idea to see if one family was home that we contacted the other week and they were!!! That was a great answer to our prayer, and now we have 2 new investigators! 

Viernes: we had intercambios again, this time I was with Elder Quesada, which went well we had a few lessons, but it was funny as we were walking we passed a Bar these drunk men were singing a song and then a dog went into the bar and started to join them jajaj. Anyways also there is a dog in there area , that goes with them to all there appointments super cool!

Sabado, we went to Bogota to help the sisters in our zone find more people to teach so the whole zone went conatcting in their area , it was kind of successful, I was able to talk in english with someone but they weren't interested! Later we came back had lunch and then we had to prepare everything for thr baptism of the sisters, so we didnt have a lot of lessons.

Domingo. we had church which went well , also a missionary came back to visit Chia where he served so that was kind of wierd! 

Hoy: we got our hair cut , then we had a zone activity, were we played some games, and then after lunch we played Micro!! also we ate Dominos of course!!! 

Anyways I hope you guys have a great week! Remember to share the gospel with everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys so so so much !
Love ,
Elder Strong

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